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Review : Roudram – Will make the viewers angry |

Roudram telugu movie review

Release date: 20 Jan 2012 Rating : 2/5 Director : Gokul Producer : R.B.Choudary Music Director : Prakash Nikki Starring: Jeeva, Shriya Saran, Preeti Jhangiani, Prakash Raj

Jiva and Shreya are the lead stars in the movie ‘Roudram’ which opened across Andhra Pradesh today in a pretty big way. The movie is the dubbed version of the Tamil flick ‘Rowthiram’ and Gokul is the director. The Telugu rights were bagged by SVR Media. Let us see how the movie stacks up.


shiva (jiva) is an angry young man who cannot tolerate injustice. he gets into frequent fights to protect the innocent and this causes heartburn to his parents (jayaprakash and lakshmi). he meets priya (shreya), a law school student who also happens to be the daughter of the assistant police commissioner. It’s love at first sight and follows a romantic lead.

As hot-headed Shiva continues to get into fights and fights, he crosses paths with two of the city’s feared gangsters, Kittu (Ganesh Acharya) and Gowri. Soon, Shiva becomes his target and numerous attempts are made on his life. his family begins to suffer and he isolates himself. a desperate shiva decides to leave the city for the sake of his family. but will the thugs let him do it? Will Shiva be able to lead a normal life? which forms the story.

positive points:

jiva is a good actor and he does justice to his role in this movie. his anger and his frustration with society can be seen in his eyes. he is good with fights and dances. shreya looks beautiful in the movie. Although she doesn’t have much of a role, she does provide a lot of visual relief.

jayaprakash is good as a concerned father. Prakash Raj impresses in a cameo appearance at the beginning of the film. the thugs in the movie look raw and sinister and they look absolutely convincing. there is some comedy in the first half

negative points:

The narration of this film is extremely and painfully slow. it’s so slow that it will be a remarkable achievement to sit through the movie without going out for a break. the direction is extremely poor and there is too much confusion in the script. the director should have stuck to a central theme. instead, he keeps wandering between action, feeling, romance and drama. in the end, neither of these genres is convincingly portrayed.

There is no emotion and each scene can be predicted when it is about to unfold. the voice with which the character of jiva was dubbed is very poor and does not suit the character of the movie. while a powerful and strong voice should have been used, this one is weak and almost meek.

the romantic track between shreya and jiva has been mishandled. they actually share good chemistry and the movie would have been so much better if shreya had more screen time.

technical departments:

Background punctuation is a mess. the soundtrack just doesn’t fit the scenes. where a moving and powerful soundtrack is required, you can listen to a smooth and melodious background score. the re-recording should have been much better. editing is uneven.

The cinematography is good in parts, but the general lighting is pretty bad. dialogues are fine.


roudram would have been a promising film in the hands of a better director. jiva and shreya try their best to make the movie better, but there’s not much they can do when the narration is so slow and the script so bad. roudram is a movie that will actually end up making the audience angry. this is a movie to safely avoid unless you want to test the outer limits of your ability to be patient.

mahesh k.s rating: 2/5

legend: 5 – flawless

4 – must see

3 – unique watch

2 – wait for the dvd

1 – stay away

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