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Rrr movie review tamil

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RRR Movie Review

‘rrr’ is the latest box office release in multiple languages. In this section, we are going to review the epic action drama.


The time period is 1920. The British take a tribal girl from her mother and use her as a slave. It falls to the protector of the tribes, komaram bheem (jr ntr), to rescue the girl and return her to her mother. site of action moves to a location near delhi. In a counter-operation, the British recruit Alluri Sitarama Raju (Ram Charan), a plucky cop, to stop Bheem from wreaking havoc. they do not foresee the consequences of this strategic error. what follows is a calamity that the British will not be able to survive.

RRR Movie Review


If ‘rrr’ had been done conventionally, we would have watched the friendship episodes first. and then alluri’s secret agenda would have been revealed in an attempt to dish out a ‘twist’. but ss rajamouli’s script is linear. that’s what makes ‘rrr’ a no-trick output. Screenwriter Vijayendra Prasad and Screenwriter Rajamouli enrich the characterizations with their Midas touch.

The first act is delightfully spliced ‚Äč‚Äčtogether before the title logo screen appears 30 minutes into the movie. alluri, also known as ‘the fire’, is stable, balanced and contains a lot of angst within it. komaram bheem aka akthar aka ‘the water’ is pure at heart, shows pain easily and trusts alluri like a child. characterizations are exceptional. the audience knows more about them than they do. that’s what makes ‘rrr’ also clutter-free.

RRR Movie Review

jr ntr’s fabulous performance is a crowning glory as much as charan’s phenomenal performance. the first shows fear in his eyes, warmth in his voice, love in his language and passion in his behavior with total tranquility. the latter, living up to his mega star power moniker, lights up entire scenes. from hidden identities to overt dangers, from mild comedy to dynamic friendship, ‘rrr’ is richly textured.

bheem and alluri’s intro scenes tell their own story. both have to evade mortal danger. Which means that Bheem and Alluri will face a series of challenges throughout the film. in a moment, its dangers tire us. this shouldn’t have happened, but it’s a rajamouli movie where the spectacle outshines everything.

RRR Movie Review

alia bhatt’s site is subscribed. she gets a good episode and that’s it. the night effects scenes are well shot, thanks to cinematographer kk senthil kumar. mm keeravani’s bgm in the scene showing alluri’s prison makeover is imaginative.

The interval block, featuring the two main actors and a host of animals, is one of the most difficult action blocks ever. the editor at sreekar prasad and the action department must have had a hard time making them pleasing to the eye. the climax is another highlight.

The second half is partially weakened by the excruciatingly boring backstory. he feels compelled to write it this long. was it made to accommodate ajay devgn, a bollywood star?

RRR Movie Review

‘rrr’ is based on too many ripe fruits. olivia morris jennifer falling for bheem easily is not only cliche but also lazy and convenient. reminds us of a template made sexy by ‘lagaan’. British characters are predictably single-note, reminding us of the lackluster ‘sye raa narasimha reddy’ at times. sometimes pacing problems are compounded by poor dialogue writing. sai madhav burra’s lines serve the purpose, but they lack mind-blowing surges.

the flashback involving baba (ajay devgn) and others is riddled with familiar ideas. its length might as well be shortened (as it is, the movie is already 3 hours long). the purely functional dialogues do not elevate the scenes, but the songs are well taken care of. ‘naatu naatu’ is one for the ages. ‘komaram bheemudo’ ends with a convenient trope, but tarak’s moving performance and charan’s astonishing acting stamina make it memorable.

RRR Movie Review

while bollywood audiences are likely to be disappointed with the way alia bhatt and devgn have been wasted, ‘rrr’ is an equal opportunity violator. samuthirakani is monotonous, makrand deshpande is unrecognizable. rajamouli has been pretty average at pulling reaction shots from young artists. this defect was also present in the ‘baahubali’ movies.

All that said, ‘rrr’ works at a macro level and works spectacularly at times. the action scenes have not been staged as ‘element’ songs. they are there to move the story forward, to convey emotions. And being the extraordinary images, what more do we want?


‘rrr’ is more of a friendship/collaboration story than a freedom-fighting movie. its plot twists are quite engaging. the action sequences, the majestic performances of the main actors, the bang interval and the climax are its most outstanding features.

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