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rrr – ss the rajamouli grand masala show is impressive

ss the rajamouli ‘rrr’ that has been released worldwide today comes with the burden of too many expectations. First of all, audiences still hung up on ‘baahubali’ movies won’t settle for less. then there is the gigantic budget of over 500 million rupees and on top of that rajamouli’s enviable reputation of never failing in the eleven films he has made so far. Does ‘rrr’ manage to get away with all these loads? the answer is a resounding yes.

Returning to the story set in the British era in the 1920s, a Gond tribal girl named Malli is enslaved by the wife of a high-ranking English officer. bheem (ntr) the guardian of the tribes comes to delhi disguised as akhtar to rescue her from her. Then there’s Raju (Ram Charan), a police officer loyal to the empire whose only ambition is to rise through the ranks. Ram takes on the task of bringing the elusive Bheem alive to his master. when the two men, who have opposing goals, cross paths, fate makes them friends. will bheem be able to rescue malli, before raju finds out the truth about him and stops him and is raju a mere british slave or is there more to him is what ”raththam ranam rowthiram’ is all about.

‘rrr’ is like a masterclass in how to balance two massive heroes at odds with each other, giving enough for both to shine individually and as a combo. ntr is fantastic as the tribal man who pretends to be a Muslim to rescue his sister. he brings a certain rawness to his body language, speech and the same look in his eyes. the scene where he inspires thousands to rebel with a song works mainly because of his screen presence and his emotionality. Ram Charan, on the other hand, is a revelation in a multi-dimensional character that he has deeply sunk his teeth into. in the opening scenes he is portrayed as a ruthless British loyalist who will do anything for promotion. he becomes an enthusiastic boy as he creates situations to help bheem connect with the british girl and eventually when his true motives are revealed he transforms into a much more powerful person who aptly personifies as mr rama . both heroes have taken the action to the next level in this physically demanding film. Ajay Devgan comes across in a well-written role as a revolutionary and is very authentic. Among the female leads, Olivia Morris gets the most screen time and makes a good impression. Alia Bhatt fans will surely be disappointed by the superfluous role of him. Samuthirakani, as usual, does a fine job, while Ray Stevenson and Allison Doody are perfect as cruelty personified.

What works best in ‘rrr’ is the intro scenes of both ram charan and ntr, the chemistry they exhibit, and their combination of tango-style action in the climax. when things sink a bit in the first half, the two heroes’ uplifting “paattan koothu” song and dance reinfuses the crowd with energy. the interval block that brings the two heroes representing fire and water into collision is quite effective. Rajamouli always has a surprise or two up his sleeve in his movies and this time it has to do with animals blowing up the theater.

on the other hand, the story is very thin and the script follows the hollywood template of aligning action scenes intertwined with feelings. the friendship of the two heroes that forms the crux of the story itself is not convincing enough. Similarly, the link between NTR and Olivia Morris also lacks credibility. unlike most other rajamouli movies, this one is unevenly paced with too high a masala quotient for non-telugu speaking audiences.

technically, ‘rrr’ is up to international standards and the tamil dub is perfect to begin with, although ram charan and ntr speak with an accent. kk senthilkumar’s cinematography captures the grandiose sets and vibrant action in all its glory while bringing us closer to the emotions. Maragathamani’s background score is a symphony that accentuates the film’s peaks and valleys. a. sreekhar prasad has set a pace with his cuts to keep things riveting until the end, while other veteran srinivas mohan’s vfx work is world class, especially with the animal effects. dvv entertainments has produced the biggest budget film in indian cinema to bring the filmmaker’s vision to the screen. lyca productions has released the tamil version.

ss rajamouli with his legendary father vijayendra prasad backing him up with writing has once again proved beyond doubt that he is india’s greatest showman. As mentioned above, from providing two superstars with a level playing field to executing mesmerizing scenarios and turning ordinary dialogue into epic levels with his momentous scores, he has ticked all the boxes for a blockbuster. The most moving and shocking touch of it is when an African drummer reacts to the racial abuse of the Indians and then continues with the freedom rhythms of Raju.

Verdict: Go for this visually mesmerizing masala action artist with splendid performances by ram charan and ntr.

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