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Rrr telugu movie review

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It would not be an exaggeration to say that rrr is the mother of all Indian movies. be it the scale, the director, the star cast and the release, everything is so big with this movie. After a five long year wait since it was announced, the Rajamouli period drama starring NTR, Alia Bhatt, Ajay Devgan and Ram Charan finally hit screens today. let’s see if it lived up to its mega hype or not.


The film is set in the 1920s, when British rule was at its height in India. British officers take a girl from a tribal village in Telangana as a slave. the mighty bheem (ntr) who belongs to the same tribe enters and takes responsibility for bringing the girl back. but he has to go through a powerful british ram policeman (ram charan) who is in his own goal against the british. what will bheem do now? how will he face ram? what is ram’s personal goal? will bheem and ram come together for a common cause? to know the answers, you need to see the movie on the big screens.

positive points:

rajamouli has made sure that rrr is bigger and bigger in every way. one can’t help but praise him for the way he has thought of something so different and executed it in such a dazzling way. rrr is filled with so many goosebumps-filled moments that it’s hard to put them all here.

The way he introduces the film’s key characters is itself a spectacle. Whether it’s NTR’s tiger chase sequence or Ram Charan’s crowd-pounding entrance, Rajamouli delivers thigh-slapping moments to all fans. he builds the characters in such a way that you immediately connect with their stories and give yourself over to the narrative. after a while, only the characters speak.

It’s been three and a half years since we saw ntr on screen. but the hero nandamuri makes up for lost time and is awesome as bheem. the innocence, screen presence, and insane action avatar in the movie is showcased in the best possible light by the star hero. ntr will make you cry with his emotional performance in all the patriotic and friendship scenes. rrr is probably arguably ntr’s best performance to date.

ram charan gets a very good role that has so many variations to show. if rangasthalam showed what ram charan was capable of, rrr will show charan’s magnanimity as an actor. the way he holds all the intense emotions and gestures with his eyes is fascinating. charan nicely highlights the way his character performs key transformations.

one of the film’s greatest assets is the camaraderie between charan and ntr. He was talked about so much in promotions and he meets all expectations. the bromance between the two stars is so good to watch on screen and will be loved by the audience. the interval explosion where the two heroes face off is a sight that cannot be removed from the eyes. rrr is very confident in their chemistry and it’s a delight to see the stars in a painting.

alia bhatt makes a good telugu debut and suits the role perfectly. Last but not least, megastar Ajay Devgan is used as a special surprise in the film and the star hero does his best to create an impact. shreya also gets a small but impactful role and she does it well.

what draws you to rrr is the unique story of how two heroes playing alluri and bheem meet at one point and how they rebel against the british. Although Rajamouli has said that it is a fictional story, the way he executes it seems so real. more than anything, the underlying emotions of each character and the impact they create on the audience are on another level and are the driving force of rrr.

negative points:

While not a drawback, the main story of the film starts a bit late. Since too much time is taken away for character introductions, the story is pushed to the side and things start to get intense just before the pre-interval block.

The second half starts off on a dull note and the pace slows down with the ajay devgan episode which is strictly average. things return to normal only for the last half hour and make for an exciting finale. In a way, both Ajay Devgan and Alia Bhatt are just tied to the Hindi market and don’t have much to do in the film.

From the beginning, the audience was told that rrr is the story of alluri seeta rama raju and komaram bheem. but that is not the case as the movie does not stop at those freedom fighters and only has their names for reference. therefore, all those who think that rajamouli will show off their fight against the british will be a bit disappointed.

technical aspects:

dvv danayya’s production values ​​are top notch and all the money spent is clearly visible in every scene, which is pretty great. Keeravani’s music is very good but the BGM is sure to give chills in many scenes. senthil kumar’s camera work is top notch as the bygone era is shown in a spectacular way.

rrr clicks mainly due to sabu cyril’s strong production design. the British empire setting, the accessories used and the decorations are sure to give a larger than life effect. The costumes made by Rama Rajamouli are authentic and especially the ones made for Alia Bhatt are amazing. the songs are solidly choreographed and especially the song naatu naatu is composed very well without losing the emotion. editing is top notch, and three hours of runtime won’t seem long.

coming from director rajamouli, he has made one of the most intense and emotional films in telugu. Hats off for thinking of something outside the box and placing it in the middle of two big stars and displaying a star aura never seen before on screen. Rajamouli is known for elevating emotions and the way he does it with the characters of bheem and alluri is just excellent.

The special thing about rrr is that each star and character has a proper story and is given equal importance in the narrative. Rajamouli narrates the film in such a way that there is no dull moment on screen. With rrr, he has proven once again that he is a master storyteller and that he can show emotions in the greatest way possible.

Also, the way rajamouli pulls performances from charan and ntr is solid. he gives so many great moments for the fans and the general public to appreciate. once again, he has made Telugu cinema proud. the icing on the cake is the patriotic story and awesome action blocks.


Overall, rrr is an action-packed period drama that has the best performances from ram charan and ntr. they will amaze you with their screen presence and bromance which is the highlight of the movie. Added to this, the patriotic drama on display makes rrr quite intense. rajamouli proves once again that he is a master at showing emotions. the way he designed, adapted and executed the period drama is impressive. the telugu box office numbers will speak for themselves and except for a bit of a slow pace in the second half and a boring ajay devgan episode, rrr has everything to become a box office hit and is a must see movie only in the big screen. rating: 3.5/5

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