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Sahasam cheyara dimbaka movie review

Video Sahasam cheyara dimbaka movie review

Continuing the trend of low-budget movies, yet another movie, sahasam seyara dimbaka, has hit screens today. let’s see how it is.


balaraju(sri) is an unemployed young man who has the nature of a coward. seeing his unemployed situation, his uncle gets him a job as an agent in the forestry department. balaraju starts duty from him very scared and keeps going to the forest every day.

one fine day, he meets vasanta (samata) and falls in love with her charm. As time goes by, Vasanta proposes to Balaraju and he, in turn, calls his best friend Ram Babu (Shakalaka Shankar) for advice on how to marry Vasanta.

the twist in the story comes when ram babu tells balaraju that the girl he was talking to all these days and her whole family are all ghosts. the rest of the story is how these two friends scared to death escape the forest and save their lives.

positive points:-

some comedy scenes in the film have been executed well. Sri does a decent job and is apt in his role. his chemistry with shakalaka shankar is quite good and has turned out well.

although shankar arrives in the second half, he manages to create enough laughs. all the scenes of him with the ghosts are quite good and conjure up some decent entertainment.

Both the samatha and hameeda heroines are good in their roles and provide visual appeal. jyothi brings enough glamor to the front benches in the first half.

negative points:-

As projected by the filmmakers, this film is neither a thriller nor a horror comedy. both aspects are missing big time in the movie. If the creators could have added more thrills and horror elements, the result would have been even more effective.

There was absolutely no need for a special track for jyothi and appa rao. this episode just veers off topic and breaks the flow of the movie. songs break speed and could have been easily deleted.

there are certain logics that have been lost in the film. the narration of the film is quite weak as a simple story has been stretched to the point of unnecessary.

technical aspects:-

there is nothing special in the technical aspect of the film. sri vasaanth music is ok and could have been better. cinematography is average as images lack clarity. martand k venkatesh’s edit is pretty bad.

referring to the director tirumalasetti kiran, he has done a decent job with the dialogues but goes crazy in his execution. he loses focus after a while and the exit is hampered due to his inexperience.


For any horror comedy to be successful, there has to be enough horror coupled with hilarious comedy. but sahasam seyara dimbaka neither completely frightens nor entertains you. Aside from some decent shakalaka shankar comedy in the second half, this movie doesn’t really have much to offer and can be ignored this weekend. rating: 2/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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