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Sapthagiri express movie review

Video Sapthagiri express movie review

comedian sapthagiri, who rose to fame with prema katha chitram, is trying his hand as a hero with sapthagiri express. directed by arun pawar, this movie was released today. let’s see how it goes


sapthagiri(sapthagiri), the son of police chief shiva prasad(dr.shiva prasad) aspires to become an actor. but his father wishes to see him as an officer of ias. Due to an unexpected turn of events, Sapthagiri becomes a police officer.

What incidents forced you to become an agent? what about his dream of becoming an actor? What problems did he face as a police officer? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points: –

sapthagiri impresses in his role to some extent. his dialogues in parashurama and duryodhana rises are quite good. Shakala Shankar’s sitcom is one of the highlights of this movie and it entertains most of the time during the second half.

some comedy scenes during the second half are handled quite well by director arun pawan. dr Shiva Prasad impresses with his performance as the hero’s father. posani and sayaji shinde do a decent job in their roles. some scenes showing the tragic life of police officers have been shown well.

negative points: –

The movie takes a long time to get into the real story. because of this, the entire first half feels like a huge drag. heroine roshni has nothing to do in the film and appears only for the songs. Also, the love track between the main couple is very boring.

some scenes featuring sapthagiri and her friends irritate the audience a lot. there is no seriousness to the proceedings as the main negative characters are quite boring. the way the hero takes his revenge and the way these scenes are shown are quite exaggerated.

lead actors like dr.shiva prasad, posani and sayaji shinde have very limited screen space to act. even songs that play at regular intervals immediately put you off.

technical aspects: –

ram prasad’s camera work is not up to par. Gautham Raju’s editing is disappointing as many scenes during the first half could easily have been cut. Bulganin’s music is decent and the production values ​​are also very good for a budget movie. sapthagiri’s script has a lot of loose ends and doesn’t elevate the movie much.

As for the director arun pawan, he failed to execute this new version as the procedures are pretty boring most of the time. Except for showing Shankar’s comedy in the second half, this movie doesn’t have much going for it.

verdict: –

Overall, saptagiri express is surely not the start saptagiri would have hoped for as a hero. audiences expecting heavy doses of comedy from him will be a bit disappointed as the film is not serious in its approach to him. If you’re okay with over-the-top comedy and don’t care about the story, Shakalaka Shankar Comedy will entertain you to some extent in Saptagiri Express. rating: 2.75/5

reviewed by 123telugu team

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