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Review : Sashi – Dull and Slow |

Sasi telugu movie review

sashi is a movie that has had a lot of promotion in recent days. the film opens today in theaters and let’s see how it goes.


raj(aadi saikumar) is a carefree young man who is not serious about anything in life. all the burden of his family is carried by his brother ajay (ajay). raj has interest in music and this is also the time, he sees sashi (surabhi) and falls in love with her. But the twist in the story comes when Sashi gets into trouble and Raj connects with them as well. how raj and sashi deal with these issues and come out is the story of the movie.

bonus points

aadi sai kumar has done quite well in his role. with this movie he has improved a lot in his performances. his role had a good scope for him and aadi did well in his character, which had many variations. heroine surabhi was outstanding and showed that she is not only a pretty face, but she can also act well.

yet another heroine, raasi singh, also did well in her role. she was pretty good in all the tense scenes of the movie. Comedians Shurha and Vennela Kishore are doing well in their roles. rajeev kanakala and his character are also good to see on screen. the emotions in the key scenes work to a certain extent.

negative points

The movie’s story idea is good, but the narrative drags on in the second half. there are too many scenes that are cinematic and seem forced. the movie had good potential for drama, but the director put more emphasis on entertainment.

the conflict point is also not that good and is not well highlighted. this makes things quite dull for the audience as emotions don’t create any effect. over this, the slow pace bores the audience. the main couple’s character arcs aren’t as strong and could have been written more effectively.

technical aspects

The music of the film is a great success and the songs filmed were also good. the bgm is decent and so were the dialogues. the production values ​​of this film are also good along with the skillful camera work. coming to director srinivas, his story idea is good but his narration is jaded and not that impressive. many scenes in the second half seem forced.


Overall, sashi is a romantic drama that has a decent story. but the narration is jaded and the point of conflict is not so strong. because of this, the scenes look boring and forced. Barring strong performances from the main couple, this movie doesn’t have much to show for it and ends as strictly passable clockwork this weekend. rating: 2.5/5

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