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Satakarni movie review

now that khaidi no 150 was released yesterday all the focus of sankranthi releases has shifted to balakrishna’s gautamiputra satakarni. The magnum opus directed by Krish has hit the screens all day today. let’s see how it turns out.


The story of the film is based on Gautamiputra Satakarni(Balakrishna), one of the most powerful kings who belonged to the Satavahana dynasty in India. Although there are many stories about how he ruled India, Krish shows how he won two crucial kingdoms ruled by Indian kings and also defeated the mighty Greeks who invaded India during the good old days.

positive points:-

There is no hesitation in saying that no one but Nandamuri Balakrishna would have fit the role of Satakarni as the star hero did. From Balayya’s screen presence to his poise as the amazing emperor, everything looks top-notch. he looks majestic as satakarni and works very hard in all the war scenes. Balayya’s dialogue delivery is at its best during war scenes and is sure to give fans around the world goosebumps.

shreya is the surprise package of the film, giving the best performance of her career as vasistha devi. Shreya looks beautiful as the princess and she thrills supremely well throughout the movie. the explosion of the interval and the war scenes that come during the last part of the first half are very good. Hema Malini plays her supporting role and brings dignity to the film.

Credit must go to krish for bringing the story of an unnamed king to life and narrating it in a compelling manner. The production values ​​are top notch as Krish surprises everyone by opting for less cg and keeping things real. his story is very powerful and he as a director does not vary much in his narration.

negative points:-

Although many will think the short running time is a boon to the film, a story like this should have been told even more elaborately. the creators should have spent more time establishing who satakarni really was. the same goes for the war scenes as well. despite being well designed, too much time is spent on them, as they consume most of the execution time.

krish, who is known for having a strong drama in his film, is a bit disappointed with this film. except for the hint of shreya and balakrishnan, the rest of the movie has less drama. the supporting cast looks weak and some better actors would have brought a lot of depth to the movie. Balakrishna’s makeup in certain scenes looks really weird.

technical aspects:-

gautamiputra satakarni has some first class technical values. As stated above, the film has great visuals and credit must go entirely to the production design department for making the film look great. Once again, Sai Madhav Burra shines as his lines will be long remembered in Tollywood. the way he wrote dialogues for balakrishna that elevate the greatness of the telugu lineage will bring applause in theaters. Chittaranjan Bhatt’s music is average, but the background score is awesome.

The costumes used, the armory chosen and all the various props used for the war seem realistic and prove that a lot of detail has been included in the film. the editing is slick, but the war scenes could have been trimmed down a bit. krish’s script is pretty good. The way he has added crucial scenes like the importance of mother and love for the Telugu people in the narrative shows his talent.

Coming to krish as a director, he has done a terrific job and will go down in history for bringing to life our own historical Telugu king that many didn’t know much about. kudos to him for showing the film in such a great way with the limited budget and resources he had. time and time again he has proven his worth by making different movies and satakarni will be at the top of his best works till date. Furthermore, the way he has shown Balayya will be loved by the fans of the hero to no extent.


with kanche, krish broke new ground and gave telugu cinema a new direction. he continues his amazing work by telling a compelling and entertaining story of an unnamed king in a compelling way. movies like these are very rare and the icing on the cake is the presence of balakrishna single handedly dominating the process with his commanding performance. If you ignore the lack of emotions during the second half, the well-executed war scenes and gorgeous visuals make this great historical extravaganza a must-see for all Telugu film lovers. rating: 3.5/5

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