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Savithri telugu movie review

nara rohit, who is quite busy with a handful of movies in hand, returns with a family drama titled savitri. Also starring Nanditha, the film has generated positive pre-release buzz and opens today. let’s see how it goes.


savitri (nanditha raj) has been mad about getting married since her childhood. This being the goal of her soul, she convinces her family to find a good boyfriend for her. her family decides to marry savitri to rishi (nara rohit), although neither of them is aware of this decision.

while on her way to shiridi, savitri meets rishi, who instantly falls in love with her even though she is not interested. Due to some circumstances, they both miss the train. During his trip back to catch the train, Rishi tells his family that he is not interested in marrying the girl they arranged because he is now in love with someone else.

how does rishi make a selfless savitri fall in love with him? And how do you convince the family of savitri hand in hand with her? the answers to these questions form the rest of the story.

positive points:-

one of the main points in favor of the film is that it will greatly appeal to the family audience. Being branded as a wholesome family entertainer, he manages to get the theme across most of the time.

Another great advantage is the casting. All the roles in the movie have been played by experienced actors, which makes the movie look authentic. Nara Rohit manages to play her role well, but it is Nanditha who takes the cake with her natural acting and manages to impress in a big way.

prabhas srinu and fish venkat bring some laughs into the mix. shravan’s songs are wonderful and have also been showcased quite well. the short running time is another boon for the film and the film has wonderful production values.

negative points:-

Although the movie starts on an interesting note, the story is very old and has been seen many times before. plus, the director loses the plot and introduces unnecessary scenes that make the movie feel dragged in places, especially during the second half.

Another nightmare of the film is the script. a tighter, racier script would have taken the movie places. the director had the right theme in mind, but he failed to execute it satisfactorily. some characters like ravi babu and vennela kishore are unnecessarily introduced in the second half, making the movie longer than it should be.

The whole clue involving Posani is also illogical and could have been avoided entirely. some fights could have been avoided, as they seemed unnecessary for the most part.

technical aspects:-

Although the film was made on a small budget, the production values ​​are exceptional. Shravan’s music, especially the background score, is excellent and elevates the film in places. rj kajal’s voice suits nanditha’s character very well and elevates her role well. the camera work is nothing good to speak of. the dialogue, on the other hand, especially during the climax, has been exceptionally well written.

as for director pavan sadineni, he has already shown that he has a great deal of talent with his debut film. Even though the story he chose is an old one, he has gone to great lengths to execute it in an entertaining way and has handled the climax exceptionally well.

verdict: overall, savitri is a movie that has a lot of family emotions. Although the film feels sluggish in most places and the story is old, the main cast and overall theme manage to provide decent entertainment and can be tried if you have absolutely no options to explore this weekend. rating: 3/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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