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Seethamma andalu ramayya sitralu movie review

Video Seethamma andalu ramayya sitralu movie review

the young hero raj tharun, is currently on top with consecutive hits in his career. this week, he is ready with another seetamma andalu youth animator ramaiyya seetralu. The village drama starring Aarthana as the female lead has hit the screens today. let’s see how it turns out.


sri ram(raj tharun) is a happy and lucky young man from ramapuram whose only motto in life is to marry his childhood sweetheart seetha(aarthana). ram tries different ways to propose to her, but it all ends on a sour note.

Things get so bad after a point that seetha starts to hate him big time. Not giving up hope, he continues to court her and finally manages to win her love. this is also the time seetha’s parents oppose the couple. they issue a challenge and ask ram to make it. what is that challenge will ram be able to achieve it? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:-

raj tharun has once again delivered an honest performance. he’s getting better with each movie and has an impressive screen presence. her carefree attitude suits his role and the mood of the film quite well. the chemistry between raj tharun and his gang is shown very well and it also gets big laughs.

aarthana is definitely a find. she looks very pretty in indian avatar and she also performs well in all the emotional scenes of hers. once again shakalaka shankar is quite impressive with the comedy of it. all of her comedic jabs create a decent impact during the first half.

The first half of the movie is okay and has some funny moments. Another major asset of the film is the music provided by Gopi Sundar. all his songs are refreshing and also have been well shot. Raja Ravindra is also good in the mature role of him.

negative points:-

one of the biggest drawbacks of the film is the concept narrated during the second half. the so-called challenge thrown at the hero at the last minute seems out of place. At the very least, the director should have added this angle earlier in the proceedings to make it obvious to the audience.

After a moment, the movie veers off completely and just a simple challenge wraps things up quickly. the movie has a kind of rollercoaster feel to it as the proceedings get interesting after a point and also veer off topic suddenly. the story of the film is old and has absolutely nothing new to offer.

the point of conflict between the heroine’s parents and raj tharun has not been well established. In addition, the love story between the main couple seems bored and has no clarity.

technical aspects:-

The camera work is beautiful. the way the atmosphere of the village and all the rustic places has been shown is quite good. the production values ​​are decent and so was the dialogue. As said above, Gopi Sundar’s music is quite good and the background score is also impressive. the editing is decent but the script is disappointing as several scenes during the second half get out of place.

referring to director srinivas, he has done a below average job. he has chosen a very outdated plot and has tried to narrate the film in a simple way. but unfortunately he deviates from the topic and adds certain elements that seem forced.


In this time of hectic lives, simple love stories that show subtle emotions are doing big. The creators of Seetamma Andalau Ramaiyya Seetralu have tried the same pattern and impressed in bits and pieces. Except for the heartfelt acting from Raj Tharun and some comedy from Shakalaka Shankar, this movie is pretty much routine and ends up as an average affair. rating: 2.75/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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