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Seven telugu movie review

Video Seven telugu movie review

seven, the latest thriller from the young havish hero, has generated quite a stir in recent days thanks to the exciting songs in the video and the suspenseful trailer. Five young beauties who acted in the film became the usp of seven. the movie finally hit theaters around the world this morning. let’s see how it went.


seven’s story begins with an interesting premise, where ramya (nandita swetha), a techie at an it company in hyderabad, files a police complaint after her husband and colleague karthik (havish) disappears. During the investigation, the inspector (Rahman) realizes that Karthik-Ramya’s story is eerily similar to that of Jenny, who had already complained about the disappearance of her husband Karthik again.

While an investigation is underway for both cases, a hearing and speech impaired girl (aditi arya) also files a similar complaint in chennai. By now, the inspector is certain that Karthik is the main culprit and that he cheated on several women in the name of love and marriage. In a dramatic turn of events, Karthik turns himself in to the police and pleads not guilty.

then comes priya (tridha), who flies in from mumbai to file a similar complaint. Now, a series of incidents lead to a flashback taking place in a village, showing a triangular love story between Krishna Murthy (Havish), Saraswathi (Regina), and Bhanu (Pujita). the suspense of the story has to do with the “seventh” person and how the story of krishna murthy and saraswathi is connected to karthik and all the girls.

positive points:

suspenseful storyline and interesting flashback episodes are the highlights of seven. the well-timed twists and how one girl’s story is linked to the other keeps the audience enthralled at times. mistaken identity, multiple personality disorder and doppelganger are some of the interesting elements the script touches on.

also, the character of regina and her performance are the surprise package. Havish gets the perfect look of her as a techie geek and Krishna Murthy, the village theater artist.

negative points:

After taking off in an interesting way, the movie starts to lose steam due to lackluster love scenes in the episodes featuring karthik-ramya and karthik-jenny. Thrillers usually work well with a tense narrative, but that’s not the case with Seven, as a few unwanted songs greatly ruin the experience. the first half takes forever to pick up the pace.

While the actress who played the role of the old lady is good, the role of Regina would have taken the movie to the next level. the lip syncing of almost all the actors, including havish and regina, leaves a lot to be desired as it also affected their performances.

technical aspects:

although the basic premise of seven is quite interesting, it’s ramesh varma’s partially engaging script that fails to keep the audience on their toes until the very end. There has been no justification for the interval scene and the scenes of the man escaping from the mental hospital. thus, they end up only as mere gimmicks to keep the audience intrigued. the main motive behind the first three girls helping the old lady is not convincing.

music composer chaitan bharadwaj’s background score is quite impressive and adds to the suspense factor in some key scenes. Director Nizar Shafi’s cinematography is pretty decent. especially the nizar lens shows all the actresses beautifully. the production values ​​are adequate as most of the movie is shot in hyderabad and a town.


seven has a promising premise and some intriguing elements that suspense thrillers require. however, it’s the uninspiring storytelling, especially in the first half, that makes the interest factor fade. the drama and mystery that unfolds in the second half may not be to everyone’s liking. All in all, seven may end up as a below average and disappointing watch this weekend. Those who enjoy thrillers can give this film a try, but keep your expectations in check. rating: 2.75/5

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