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Shiva ganga movie review

of okariki okaru fame, sriram and sizzling kannada beauty raai lakshmi have teamed up for a horror drama titled sivaganga under the direction of vadivudaiyan. This Tamil dubbed drama has hit the screens today. Let’s see how the movie is.


Siva (Sriram) and Ganga (Raai Lakshmi) fall in love during college and plan to marry with their parents’ consent. The love story comes to a tragic end when Godhra Seth (Suman), who lent something to Siva’s father, kills Siva, her family, and her gang.

siva and ganga become ghosts and take revenge on seth. The story has an interesting twist in the form of Shankar, who tries to win the love of the Ghost Ganga. who is this shankar? how do the sivaganga avenge their murders? And what happens to Shankar forms the rest of the story.

positive points:

The main positive points of the film are the love story between siva and ganga, the clue of the villain and the tragic murders of siva and ganga. sriram and raai lakshmi give top notch performances and amaze the audience. the revenge track where the ghosts of siva and ganga avenge their death is executed very well.

the visual effects work creates a huge impact on the film. Sriram’s villainous act in the role of Shankar and his characterization captivate audiences in a big way. the interval twist raises the excitement levels for the second half of the movie.

The director executed the narrative back and forth with total clarity. the main twist revealed in the second half, the comedy scenes and the suman villain are impressive.

negative points:

The film mainly suffers from the lack of a strong story and the audience will be disappointed with the routine drama. the horror story done to the death where the main actors become ghosts and avenge their murders makes the viewing experience difficult.

also, the absence of refreshing revenge scenes makes this movie like any other horror movie. the comedians in the film irritate with their stupid comic antics. songs are the main speed brakes for proceedings. the climax is a big disappointment.

technical aspects:

srinivas reddy’s cinematography stands out and creates the perfect effect in certain scenes. coming to director vadivudaiyan, he has done a pretty average job with the film. although he narrated some scenes well, the story and the procedures are quite routine and old-fashioned. The background score by John Peter highlights the horror effect well. editing is neat.


Nine of the ten horror movies coming out these days are based on one or another revenge story. The same goes for this week’s release of Shiva Ganga as well. the movie which has a top notch performance from the sriram hero is quite outdated and doesn’t have any thrilling horror elements and can be completely ignored this weekend. rating: 2.25/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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