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Shivalinga Telugu Movie Review | Raghava Lawrence Shivalinga Movie Review |

Shivalinga telugu movie review

after being postponed many times, the thriller p vasu, shivalinga finally hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


shivalingeswar(lawrence) is a cbcid officer who is given the responsibility of cracking a unique murder mystery. As time goes on, he gets hooked on satyabhama (ritika singh), who is himself possessed by an evil spirit.

an upset shiva is left with the responsibility of handling his personal and professional problems at the same time. who is this evil spirit? why is he attacking satyabhama? Does it have any connection to the murder mystery? and how does shiva solve this case? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:-

One of the film’s greatest assets is the element of horror that is cleverly induced through a murder mystery. from start to finish, the main twist holds its own, which makes for an interesting suspense factor. the way lawrence investigates the murder mystery and all the related scenes that come up during this time are handled neatly.

Several scenes with the evil spirit have been convincingly shown and Ritika Singh’s performance during this time is quite impressive. although the first half is a bit slow, the second half makes up for it as the suspense factor keeps the audience decently engaged.

as for lawrence, he has done a decent job in his role and, as always, he is good at his dances. Vadivelu’s comedy works well in places. Thaman’s background score takes the movie to another level. the climax is also decent and well executed.

negative points:-

Too much time is wasted during the first half for the real action to begin. The creators tried to generate some good fun through the character of Urvasi, but sadly, the track between Lawrence and Urvasi doesn’t evoke much fun. the horror scenes shown are almost ok and nothing to write home about.

Despite the suspense building until the very end, the twist that is revealed doesn’t make much of an impact later on. some scenes between vadivelu and lawrence during the second half irritate you to some extent.

technical aspects:-

suresh’s editing is decent, as are the production values ​​for ramesh pillai and his team, as the dubbing is adequate. Sarvesh’s camera work is captivating as the film has an exciting feel to it until the very end. As said earlier, Thaman’s background score is the main asset of this movie. coming to director p vasu, he has done a decent job with executing it. although his story is a bit weak in places, he covers it up nicely with a decent script for most of the movie and keeps the audience engaged.


Overall, Shiva Lingaa is another decent Lawrence horror thriller. an engaging story, coupled with good suspense elements and tense performances, are a huge plus. if you ignore the slightly dull first half and the noisy nature of the movie, shiva linga has enough elements for you to give the movie a try this weekend. rating: 3/5

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