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Silly fellows movie review

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Today’s release silly fellows is crucial for both allari naresh and sunil as they go through a series of failures. read on to see if the movie brings them back into the game or not.


veerababu(allari naresh) is a small time tailor who marries his best friend suri babu(sunil) to a local dancer(nandini) just to impress his mla(jayaprakash reddy). This is also the time when Posani and his gang find out that the MLA has all the details about a sum of Rs 500 crore. the rest of the story is how suri babu, veerababu and the whole gang get caught up in this trap and finally get the money.

positive points:

The first half of the movie is good as it has decent comedy. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Sunil in such a fine role where he evokes excellent comedy. his marrying pushpa track generates decent laughs. sunil brings back the comedic beat of him and does what people expect of him.

allari naresh never fails to entertain in all his movies and also in silly fellows. her acting is neat and she shares good chemistry with sunil. for a change, the brahmanandam comedy works in the film, as the senior comedian makes his presence felt in some scenes where he is there.

Posani, Raghu and Jayaprakash Reddy do their job well and follow the flow of the film. the heroine chitra shukla was almost okay and so was the fame of the great chief nandini rai. the climax has some comedy scenes that end the movie well.

negative points:

Although the creators clearly mentioned during the promotions that one should not look for logic, things are a bit disappointing in this regard. the role of jaya prakash reddy lacks basic logic and the fun generated by him during the first twenty minutes of the second half is quite irritating and doesn’t make any sense.

The second half lacks the comedy quotient that the first half provides. the free flow of comedy and story is sidelined by goofy storytelling and over-the-top comedy that doesn’t work. there is nothing new that you will see story-wise as the same point has been made in many movies before.

technical aspects:

The music in the film is decent as there are only two songs which don’t spoil the flow of the film too much. the dialogues are fun and especially the ones written for the sunil track. the film’s production values ​​are decent, but the camera work isn’t that great. editing is decent but some scenes could have been edited out on jp’s comedy track in the second half.

as for the director bheemineni srinivasa rao, he has done a good job with the film. the movie is a remake and bheemineni manages to get some good laughs in the first half by generating good comedy from naresh and sunil. but his narration fails in the latter part, where dull scenes and over-the-top comedy take center stage. If this part had been handled well, the movie would have been even better.


Overall, Silly Fellows is a better movie than allari naresh and sunil’s previous flops. there is nothing new that you will see in terms of comedy, narration or plot. But what makes things interesting is the way seasoned comedians like Naresh and Sunil lead from the front and make this comedy watchable. all you have to do is not search for logic and go with the flow of this movie ending up as a below average fare this weekend. rating: 2.75/5

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