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Simba (aka) Simbha review

Simba tamil movie review

simba, which is a black comedy movie, revolves around the life of a lonely stoner, a guy who is always stoned and stoned, which is a very fresh idea. how he changes his life after meeting a neighbor forms the crux of the story. Does the movie really take us on a fun “journey” like it promised? read on to find out.

mahesh (bharath), as seen in the trailer, is always tall. he is so drugged that hallucinations have become an integral part of his life. However, one fine day, when he meets his madhu neighbor, along with his dog Simba, his life seems to change. he falls in love with madhu, but it is not easy to conquer her. The rest of the story is about Mahesh’s friendship with Simba and whether Madhu accepts Mahesh’s love or not.

bharath as mahesh, he has done his role well. portraying a drug addict is not easy, and he seems to achieve it with depressing faces and clueless expressions. his first dialogue in the film instantly shows how irrelevant stoned guys talk, and thus the director tries to set the tone of the film. The tricky part here is that if the audience doesn’t connect with or believe in the character initially, it could seem like an exaggeration of his hallucinations.

ever since ‘the lion king’ was released in 1994, dog owners have taken over the name ‘simba’. well, heroine madhu (bhanu sri mehra) is no different. The day she met the Great Dane, she immediately called him Simba. the role of the heroine does not have a lasting impact as the depth of the character is sorely lacking. there are also lip sync issues.

premgi as ‘simba – the great dane’ is a one of a kind character. It’s not often that you see a guy dressed up as a dog and casually chilling with the hero and flirting with other dogs. one of the highlights of the film is his performance as a dog. he has put his best foot forward with his trademark body language, dialogue delivery and is entertaining in most places.

Premgi’s one-liners and wacky double-entendre dialogue are sometimes inducing laughs, and his confrontation with other dogs is hilarious. the dog panchayat scene with voices from various actors of yesteryear and current actors is creatively done and will leave the audience divided. however, in some places, the director intends to bring out the comedy, but fails.

Simba, as a movie, rises to the top during the first half as many questions are raised and a plot unfolds. however, the graph drops off drastically during the second half, with plenty of open question marks and a very thin story adding fuel to the fire. but if you can connect with the experimental intent early on and ignore some logical loopholes, simba might just lure you in and entertain you.

The visuals are stunning, with some cool special effects shots, and the smoky effect can take you on a real trip. Vishal Chandrasekhar’s BGM scores support the genre well. after all the excitement and the ‘high’ ride, the director brings up a famous quote, similar to this: ‘dog is man’s best friend’. this could put a smile on his face, after a less attractive second half compared to the first.

simba in general has its own share of positives and negatives, but as said above, if you don’t connect very well with the genre and the experiment, this movie may not take you on a “high trip”. a special mention to director aravind sridhar for trying a different genre in tamil cinema.

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