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Sitara movie review

Following the trend of low-budget movies, the latest to join the list is sitara. Starring Ravi Babu in a pivotal role, this movie has hit the screens today. now let’s see how the movie turns out.


raghuram (ravi babu) is a popular director planning a movie with all the newcomers. In this process, he meets Sitara (Ravaneeth Kour) and feels that she would be a perfect fit and selects her.

during the filming of the movie, raghuram falls in love with sitara but to his bad luck, sitara falls in love with the hero (ashwin). knowing this, a jealous raghuram begins to behave terribly towards her.

The twist in the story comes when sitara dies on the sets in a dubious way. Was she killed or did she kill herself? is raghuram involved in this? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:

the concept of the movie is nice. the first 15 to 20 minutes of the film are quite attractive. the movie script showing two parallel stories is the highlight of this movie. the climax is not bad. Ravi Babu is a huge asset to the film with his versatile performance. is very successful on the part of it.

ravaneeth kour has a glamorous look and provides the necessary oomph factor. krishna bhagavan provides a lot of entertainment with his comedic stunts and chitram srinu also tries to get some laughs.

negative points:

direction is the main drawback of this movie. there was every chance to make this film as a compelling thriller, but the director failed to execute it. although the script is good, the movie is pretty predictable after 15-20 minutes.

There are so many unnecessary scenes that appear in the middle of the movie. except for the ravi babu character, all other characters lack depth. all the songs in the movie become speed brakes for the proceedings.

technical aspects:

The cinematography is decent and the shots are very well captured. the director lacks clarity in his execution and failed to generate the required emotions in most of the scenes. revealing the story using another movie and ending it with three other movies is good.

As for the music, not even a single song is good, but the background score is not bad. nandamuri hari’s edition is very boring. production values ​​look good.


Overall, sitara lacks story depth and completely deviates from its plot with many unnecessary scenes. the only funny points in the movie are ravi babu’s acting, the first 15 minutes and some comedy scenes. except these, there is almost nothing in this movie. watch it when the dvds run out. rating: 2.25/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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