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Sreekaram Review: Good Intention, Flat Narration |

Sreekaram movie review greatandhra

Video Sreekaram movie review greatandhra

movie: sreekaram rating: 2.5/5 banner: 14 reels plus cast: sharwanand, priyanka arul mohan, rao ramesh, amani, mr naresh, sai kumar, murali sharma, satya, sapthagari and others music: mickey j meyer cinematography: j yuvaraj editor: marthand k venkatesh art: avinash kolla producers: ram achanta, gopi achanta written & directed: kishore b release date: March 12, 2021

sharwanand has been going through the worst phase with a series of failures. still, he has managed to get a lot of buzz around “sreekaram”, thanks to his super hit songs, interesting trailers, and promotional events.

let’s see if the movie lives up to expectations.

Story: The film is set in a village near Tirupathi. karthik (sharwanand) works at a software company in hyderabad and regularly sends money to his father to pay off the family’s debts.

For some strange reason, a rich girl Chaitra (Priyanka Arul Mohan) is madly in love with Karthik, even though he repeatedly asks her not to put any hope in him.

Hearing that his villagers are working as day laborers in big cities due to poor income from farming, he quits corporate work and turns down a lucrative offer in the US. uu. his decision to go into farming does not go well with his father (rao ramesh).

how karthik transforms economic activity in his village with his ideas on community farming is all about the film.

Artist performances: sharwanand appears in two different guises: the software professional and the farmer. he is at home in those shades of the character. he does a good job.

Rao Ramesh as his father and Naresh as his uncle leave an impact with their performances.

priyanka arul mohan’s role is typical glam. Sai Kumar’s characterization as the greedy moneylender is too weak. satya plays the usual friend role.

technical excellence: the film has great production and technical values. the cinematography is nice. the beautiful tirupathi rural landscape is well captured by yuvaraj.

of the mickey j meyer songs, two stand out. the super hit song “bhalegundi bala” comes in the wrong place. Sai Madhav Burra’s dialogues are appropriate.

highlights: community farming concept high production values ​​parent-child sentiment

Drawback: lame narration outdated romance track predictable ending

analysis “sreekaram” is one of those films that have good intentions. the new director kishore must have intended to push the point of providing a solution to the current agrarian crisis. he has employed all the tropes of commercial cinema. but good intentions are enough to make it a good watch, it needs an immersive narrative. “sreekaram” fails on that front.

director kishore has introduced the concept of “community farming” in this film. the concept is interesting. but there is no major conflict in the film other than minor problems between a father and a son.

The villain is also not strong enough. here, the villain is a local moneylender who wants to have the land of all the villagers just to change the name of the village and get out of the shadow of his mother-in-law. the villain is too soft and less powerful. invariably, the drama lacks the impact.

Also, the narrative is too flat for us to get involved until the end.

When the main point doesn’t have enough substance, directors rely on the main couple’s romantic thread or entertainment quotient.

In “sreekaram”, the hero has no interest in the girl, and the girl appears from time to time to sing a song. the poor wording of the romantic thread is another drawback. There isn’t much comedy either.

the best part of the movie is the bond between rao ramesh and sharwanand. have evoked the right emotional chord. furthermore, this is the first mainstream film to have effectively fused the “blocking” angle into the narrative. the final part is handled well compared to the first half. the farmers’ flight is also well represented.

Overall, despite having a good concept, “sreekaram” executes along the lines you’d expect, with few engaging moments.

end result: farm deal

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