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Review : Sridevi Soda Center – Drama With Rooted Emotions |

Sridevi soda center movie review

sridevi soda center has been promoted in a big way in recent days. the movie is finally on the big screens now and let’s see what it’s like.


the film is set in amalapuram and is about a couple sooribabu (sudheer babu) and sridevi (anandi). Sooribabu is an electrician who falls in love with Sridevi. but caste issue breaks out and sridevi’s father (naresh) and village chiefs throw trouble at the couple. how will sooribabu survive her troubles is the basic story of sridevi soda center.

positive points:

The shocking scenes executed in the second half are clear as the emotions, acting and drama are attractive at this time. the film has an unusual ending and this has been well thought out by the director.

senior actor naresh steals the show with his negative role. he shows his versatility and gives a remarkable performance as the father of the heroine. his character is full of hatred for the lower caste and naresh has shown his hatred in a wonderful way. satyam rajesh is decent in the supporting role of him.

anandi is also suitable as a hero and does well in the second half. she is a natural performer and does well in all the emotional scenes with naresh. Pavel, who played the main villain, was also impressive and suited her role well.

last but not least, sudheer babu proved once again what a good actor he is. in this movie, he had a good margin to show his general skills and sudheer does it very well. Be it the emotional scenes or the action part, sudheer babu has surely taken a step forward in his career.

negative points:

One of the biggest drawbacks is the boring first half. the love story is weak as the chemistry in the couple is lacking during this time. In a way, you can say that the drama and intensity between the couple should have been brought out even more to have a solid impact in the end.

also the first half is long and drags for no reason. Raghu Babu plays the father of the hero and is completely forgotten when the hero is going through so much trauma in his life. the first half also needs some editing and scenes related to the love story should have been added.

As the film is about honor killings, related scenes should have been added from the beginning to make things better for the audience.

technical aspects:

mani sharma’s music is decent but his bgm was quite effective. the production values ​​are top notch and the camera work showcases the small town setting in a strong way. the film needs a cut of at least ten minutes. the production design is also impressive.

Coming to director Karuna Kumar has once again taken the caste angle after her debut film Palasa. If that film was deeply rooted, Sridevi Soda Center has a bit of a commercial angle. the director’s narration in the theater department is perfect but he did not develop the love story effectively and this is a big drawback.


Overall, Sridevi Soda Center is a small-town romantic drama with a nice backdrop. the rustic characters, the surprising climax, and the impressive performances are staple assets. On the other hand, the movie has a boring first half and a passable love story. If you ignore these aspects, the movie has some compelling moments that you should be aware of and makes up for a decent viewing. rating: 3/5

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