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movie: saahasam swaasaga saagipo rating: 2.75/5 banner: dwaraka cine creations cast: akkineni naga chaitanya, manjima mohan, baba sehgal and others writer: kona venkat music: ar rahman cinematography: donmack arthur editing: anthony fights: silva producer: miryala raveender reddy story, script and direction: gautham vasudev menon release date: November 11, 2016

The films of director Gautham Menon are the most anticipated by film lovers and young people, as his films offer something new.

after the success of ‘ye maya chesaave’, gautam vasudev menon has again associated with naga chaitanya. Since the trailer and the songs created a huge buzz around the movie, people have been waiting for this movie even though it was postponed several times. and it’s finally released now.

Let’s see how the movie fared.

story: a young boy (naga chaitanya) is spellbound by the beauty of leela (manjima), his sister’s friend who comes to stay at his house as a guest. she is Maharashtrian. she likes it too.

Although he stays at home, he doesn’t know his name since no one calls him by his name. when she takes a short trip to kanyakumari on her bike, she joins him and rides with him as a passenger.

During their journey, they become close and fall in love. but an accident changes the course of his life. Was it an accident or a murder plot?

artist performances: naga chaitanya is fine. she fits the character perfectly but her acting is adequate, her work here doesn’t deserve any special mention.

newcomer manjima mohan has beauty and acting skills. she has done the role well. Baba Sehgal gets noticed as an evil Marathi police officer.

technical excellence: the film’s music is a huge hit on the fm channels and digital fronts. all the songs are magnificent. Rehman has given one of his best works for this movie. music is the backbone of the film. kona venkat’s dialogues are great.

the cinematography is very rich. editing is neat. the fights are different and he has a lot of style.

highlights: different narration music by rehman romantic theme first half cinematography

drawback: inconsistent script bad climax

analysis: gautham menon is a director who makes different types of films within the action and romance genre. he is equally good at action dramas like “gharshana” and romantic movies like “ye maaya chesave”.

His “saahsam swaasaga saagipo” looks like a mix of both movies, but it’s slightly different from his usual style of movies.

while the movie starts as “ye maaya chesave”, with the hero falling in love with another girl from the state who lives in his house, goes with her somewhere (in ymc it’s kerala, here it’s kanyakumari), etc.

once you start to feel like the movie is going like “ye maaya chesave”, it does a trick and turns it into an action drama. from the accident scene before the interval, the film turns into a rampage of action.

Just after the interval, the film turns into a thriller: why the Marathi men are after Leela and her family, why a police officer is trying to kill the heroine unfolds slowly but grippingly.

the way naga chaitanya goes after the villains is shot in the most elegant way by gautham menon. he also cuts the scenes differently.

the scene where naga chaitanya sits in a doctor’s house and says that he has now become a man is fantastic. that is the theme of the film: a boy who becomes a man. the hotel scene in the second half is also excellent.

even the twist in the story at the end and the naga chaitanya name revealing scene are also good. but again, the climax of the film gives a feeling of déjà vu. the fight scene at the end seems too stretched out.

although “saahasam swaasaga saagipo” is not as excellent a movie as “ye maaya chesave” or as exciting as “raghavan”, this is a different movie within the commercial format.

The romantic scenes at first seem very repetitive, but the last part is what makes the difference.

Overall, the different visual style and suspenseful storytelling mode, coupled with r rehman’s techno music, make the film stand out from the ordinary.

conclusion: bold romance!

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