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It’s been a busy few months for kirk herbstreit with his new role as a Thursday night football analyst on Amazon Prime, as well as being on college game day and lead college football analyst on espn/abc. It has led me to travel a lot and not get much sleep most weeks. however, an addition to college game day this year has provided herbstreit with an added boost.

Herbstreit was a guest on Excuse My Opinion this week, mentioning that the timing couldn’t have been better for pat mcafee to join college game day this season.

“Personally, the timing couldn’t have come at a better time than to have Pat McAfee join the show this year. his energy for me personally on the show and more importantly off the show was huge for me this year as far as keeping my energy up when you sleep 2 hours a night or fly wherever you’re flying. You know how he has that contagious personality and energy. personally, it was a big win for me this year.”

For some who aren’t normal college football viewers, herbstreit was a new voice for people who watch the nfl. That being said, Herbstreit didn’t feel like he had any growing pains this year and was comfortable from the first game he and Al Michaels played between the Chiefs and Chargers.

“We start with mahomes vs. herbert. I felt like al and started running. Probably the craziest thing when we got done with that game was I think people who contacted me said ‘you guys sound like you’ve been working together for 10-15 years’ just because it was a number one good game and there was comfort. there.

“Personally, I didn’t feel like there were any growing pains for me. maybe the audience had growing pains… I think that’s pretty self-evident to me.”

when herbstreit went to a bigger city to do a tnf football game, he could sense that the audience was still not used to hearing his voice at an nfl game.

“you get it in new york and a lot of the bigger cities where it’s just nfl, nhl, nba and mlb. they look at college football the same way we might look at middle school football, not even high school football. until the draft arrives, they don’t know anything about it. I don’t know how people live without seeing the two personally. I don’t know how my life would exist if I didn’t look at both. i can’t imagine having a black hole into the nfl. There are people who do that.”

herbstreit will wrap up his busy schedule when he’s on the call with chris fowler for the cfp national championship game between tcu and georgia on monday (7:30 pm ET, espn). holly rowe and molly mcgrath will be on the sidelines of the game.

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