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Review : Sulthan – Rowdies turn farmers |

Sultan telugu movie review

Tamil star Karthi teamed up with the producers of her previous hits, Khaakhee and Khaidi, for Sultan. The film marks Rashmika Mandanna’s debut in Kollywood. sulthan finally hit theaters today after a good round of promotions. Let’s see how the movie is.


vikram aka sulthan (karthi) is a robotics engineer based in mumbai. his father sethupathi (nepolean) is godfather in vizag, with his lieutenant mansoor (lal) and 100 henchmen living under him for years. After Sethupathi’s death, the Sultan promises to reform Mansoor and the 100 minions. While Lord Sri Krishna sided with the Pandavas in Mahabharata, Sultan sides with his 100 henchmen (Kauravas) and begs them to give up crime and lead a normal life.

That’s when the sultan visits a village in amaravati and falls in love with a village girl named rukmini (rashmika mandanna) and becomes a farmer to win her love. sulthan also faces a notorious village chief jayendra (kgf ram) and a powerful industrialist (nawab shah) who plan to seize the villagers’ farmland to establish an iron ore mining company valued at 10 billion rupees. . Will Sultan stop these forces and save the village? Will he succeed in reforming his kauravas? you’ll have to see the movie in theaters to get the full story.

positive points:

hero karthi is back with another intense role. The mesmerizing performance of him is one of the highlights of Sultan. he effortlessly exudes heroism in the role of a savior. Rashmika gives a decent performance as a demure town beauty. although rashmika’s screen time is short, his character gains prominence by motivating sulthan to fight for his village. lal, nepolean and some actors who played the sultan’s loyal minions are quite good.

the emotional scenes with sulthan, mansoor and the 100 henchmen are another highlight of the film. The action-packed fights, especially the interval and climax fight sequences, and the elevating shots of Sulthan’s heroism will captivate fans of mainstream entertainment and fans of Karthi. the comedy generated in the scenes featuring the sultan and his kauravas as farmers will elicit some laughs.

negative points:

Not having strong villains is the main drawback of Sultan. Even though the deadly KGF Ram and Bollywood badass Nawab Shah have been included as the main antagonists, they hardly create any impact on the narrative. Sultan wins them over very easily, with just a fist fight. this dilutes the heroism and depth of the sultan’s proceedings.

Sultan’s basic story is nothing new. Lately, we have seen several movies where rich industrialists, young software professionals, and even ordinary people become farmers and save agriculture. Sultan is no different. while the concept of brawlers becoming farmers is fun, it has been treated simplistically.

technical aspects:

director bakkiyaraj kannan presents a familiar story of a hero who saves a town from greedy and powerful people in an interesting context. however, he routinely narrates it without generating shocking conflicts. while the songs composed by vivek mervin are average, the background score that plays repeatedly during the fight scenes reminds us of the pirates of the caribbean theme track.

The cinematography is quite good and highlights the dynamism of the action sequences shot with night effects. the movie is long running and the editor should have cut out some comedy scenes with comedian yogi babu in the first half. the production values ​​are great, even though the movie is shot in very few locations.


Sulthan follows a narrative template of a hero who becomes a savior and protects a village from powerful and greedy villains. Although the concept of “troublemakers-turned-farmers” is interesting, the lack of a strong antagonist dilutes the strengths of the story and the protagonist’s heroism to a great extent. That said, Sultan also has ample doses of action and hero-raising scenes to satisfy fans of Karthi. He can see the movie for its well-choreographed action sequences and Karthi’s energetic performance. rating: 2.75/5

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