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OTT Review : Super Over – Decent crime thriller (Streaming on AHA) |

Super over movie review

Starring: naveen chandra, chandini chowdary, ajay, rakendu mouli, harda chemudu

directed by: praveen varma

dop: divakarmani

music: sunny m.r.

editor: s r shekar

producers: sudheer varma

aha’s latest movie, super over, has generated quite a stir among its subscribers. Being directed by Praveen Varma, the film is scheduled to be released on January 22, but was only released to the media last night. let’s see how it goes.


As childhood friends, Kaasi, Vaasu and Madhu (played by Naveen Chandra, Rakendu Mouli and Chandini Chowdary respectively) lead a happy and peaceful life. One fine day, upset with his financial problems, Madhu turns to cricket betting. At the end of the major league cricket season, he wins a large amount and his friends Vaasu and Madhu become a part of it. the real story starts here when they get into big trouble through a bookie. what kind of struggles do they face to get their money back? shape the story.

positive points:

naveen chandra, chandini chowdary and rakendu mouli fit perfectly into their assigned roles. the chemistry between the three friends seems so natural. the way all the cricket betting scenes and bookmakers settings have been presented in an authentic way looks realistic.

The way the main story has been told in one night is good and has enough crime and thrill elements. all the episodes of the night are executed with a gripping script added with nice twists and turns. actor ajay as tough cop gave a decent performance. All the cat and mouse scenes between Ajay and his friends are nice.

The chase episode shot at night turned out quite well and looks gripping on screen. The actor Praveen and Viva Aspera are doing well in their brief but notable roles.


one of the scenes between ajay and the group of friends looks good on screen but they are far from reality and they look a bit stretched. the movie has a very thin story based on cricket booking and it doesn’t have commercial elements like songs and fights which may not go well with a part of the viewers.

After watching the movie, we instantly get the feeling that the movie ended by not answering some questions, like why did the cops leave the friends so easily without further investigating the crime.

technical aspects:

As mentioned above, the film has no songs, but the background score is adequate and suits the mood of the film. the suspenseful elements in the film are nicely elevated with the re-recording. the editing work is fine as the running time of the movie is kept short with no unwanted scenes. the cinematography is fine as the mood of the night was captured well using the appropriate frames.

before mentioning the director praveen varma, the sad news is that during the last stretch of filming the film he passed away in a serious traffic accident. We offer our sincerest condolences to the family of the talented technician Praveen Varma.

Coming to his job, although Praveen Varma’s story is very thin, he managed to write an exciting script based on the concept of cricket booking. his playing style is clean and has clarity. super over was originally financed by noted director sudheer varma and his production values ​​for the film are good.


Overall, super over is a police thriller that is decent with its share of narration. Although the film does have some lame episodes and foul language at regular intervals, considering the OTT release, the film ends up as fare that can be seen for its emotion and stylized execution.

score: 3/5

click here to watch the super over movie on aha

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