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Continuing the series of reviews of low-budget movies and shows, today’s choice is Patchouli, which is now available on prime video. let’s see how it is.


abhiram(raamz) is a boy who loves gambling but ends up having bad luck most of the time. A situation arises where he has to owe 25 lakhs to RK (Ravi Varma) who is the owner of the casino. To organize this money, Abhiram gets into a local political problem between Gangadhar and Basava Raju. This is also the time, he meets Avantika (Sweta Varma) who is searching for her lost brother and connects with the crime angle. how will abhiram intelligently get out of this problem? is it the whole story of the movie?

positive points:

raamz as the cunning young man was good. he fits the role perfectly and lives well in his character. all the scenes of him with ravi varma are pretty good. swetaa varma, like the one looking for her lost brother, awesome of her. her emotional and tense expressions work quite well for the movie and her thread seems attractive.

ravi varma lands a good role and is superb as rk. his dialogue delivery, hyderabadi accent and screen presence were quite good. subhaleka sudhakar is getting good at the serious role of him these days. the climax twist is also presented well.

The film has a dark theme and has some tense moments of emotion that are handled well in the first half. the undercover cop angle in the movie is handled well. the cameraman shows the theme of the film so well that the images look quite gripping.

negative points:

The movie starts off on an interesting note, but after a while, the excitement level dies down. there are a number of repeated scenes and just to create interest the scenes are added to give the script a twist.

Patchis is great on paper, but when it comes to execution, things should have been easy for the audience. it takes time for the audience to understand the layers of the film and each character comes through. the film has an open ending which hints at the sequel which seems a bit strange.

technical aspects:

The production values ​​of the film are top notch as the sets, night effect and props used are incredible. one of the highlights of the film is the music and bgm of smaran. needs a special mention as it totally lifts the spirits of the film. the production design is good and some crime scenes should have been toned down to make the movie look sharp.

as for sai krishna and ram sai from the directors, they have done an acceptable job. the movie is good on paper and had a chance to become a dark, edgy thriller. but the filmmakers drag things a bit and narrate them with another type of script that is not as effective.


Overall, Pachchis is a movie that has a good premise and a good performance. but it gets boring with routine scenes and lacks novelty in the last part. the movie has some good performances, but the script isn’t that effective and makes it strictly a good watch. everyone who likes crime thrillers can give it a try and the rest can take it easy. rating: 2.75/5

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