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Thank you brother telugu movie review

Video Thank you brother telugu movie review

anasuya has been making some interesting movies late and the latest in her kitty is the emotional thriller thank you brother. the movie is in aha and let’s see how it goes.


The film is about the lives of Priya (Anasuya) and Abhi (Viraj Ashwin). Priya is a pregnant widow and Abhi is a spoiled rich brat who has no ethics in life. One fine day, both Abhi and Priya get trapped in an elevator and all hell breaks loose when Priya’s water breaks. what will happen now? how will priya survive? will abhi help priya? that forms the rest of the story.

bonus points

The idea of ​​the story is good as the director introduces two contrasting people who find themselves stuck in a strange situation. the movie has good emotions in the second half and some scenes related to the pregnancy and the way the hero connects with it have been excellently shown.

viraj ashwin is good in his role as a rich boy. he does well as an arrogant guy and he transforms well in the last part which has a lot of wiggle room. rough viva does fine as a friend and anish kuruvilla is awesome as a doctor. aadarsh ​​balakrishna is also good in his cameo.

Last but not least, the film’s main attraction is Ansuya. the actress that happens is amazing as the pregnant woman who is going through a lot. From the walk, to the pained expressions of a pregnant lady, Anasuya just killed it as her. once again, she shows how good an actress she is with this movie that shows her in a new avatar

negative points

Although this is not a problem, abhi’s story is shown in such detail that it was not necessary at all. The director gives more screen time to Abhi’s story and now shows a lot of Anasuya and her problems.

Because of this, the movie becomes boring as routine scenes are shown. More time and scenes should have been added to Anasuya’s story, which seems abrupt as not many scenes related to her past are shown.

The real story of the main characters getting stuck in an elevator starts only after the breakpoint. in addition, there are some logics that are thrown away. hero makes calls to everyone and the problem is even shown in the media. but during all this, the policemen do not come, and even the hero does not try to call them. this looks a bit weird.

technical aspect

Special mention should be made to the camera crew as they show Hyderabad in a new way. the production design, art, and visuals are rich and first-class. bgm is also clean. the dialogues are good and so was the basic theme of the movie. Editing is fine, but some party-related hero scenes should have been removed.

referring to the director ramesh, he has done a decent job with the movie. his idea of ​​the story is good and the execution is also perfect in the second half. If he had just made the first half a little sharper and more emotional, things would have gone pretty well.


overall thanks bro its a decent attempt by director ramesh rapaparthi. The movie has decent thrills, realistic thrills, and a solid performance from Anasuya in the second half. if you manage to get through the first half of the grind, this alien flick is sure to finish like a passable clock this weekend. rating: 2.75/5

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