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The mulligan movie review

The Mulligan is a two-day special about an important businessman separated from his family who must learn to trust God. the mulligan tells an entertaining and inspiring story with very strong christian worldview, morality, pro-family and pro-capitalist elements, but there is some mild violence, obscenity and drunkenness implied in one scene.

paul mccallister is an important businessman who separated from his wife and son in order to pursue business opportunities and play golf. At his company, McCallister International, e-commerce is the name of the game, and they are looking to expand their efforts into Asia. Meanwhile, Paul’s young adult son, Jake, thrives in the world of motocross racing. Paul’s wife, Rebecca, continues to host a women’s Bible study in her home while Paul lives alone in a studio. However, the three McCallisters feel a void when it comes to their family. meanwhile, the mother hopes for some Christian forgiveness and reconciliation.

At a charity golf tournament for work, Paul loses his temper on the course. A tournament organizer introduces him to Will Dun, dubbed the “Old Pro”. will takes paul under his wing and advises him on golf, but more importantly, on life. will explains what a mulligan is to paul. is a repeat, and the term was first coined in the 1930s and applied to golf. will gives paul a notebook to write about his mulligans, not only in golf but also in life.

surprisingly, paul writes in a diary that his wife, rebecca, and son, jake, are in need of a makeover. During their time on the course, Will and Paul open up to each other as friends. Even now, Paul’s heart begins to change, but will the change last?

Meanwhile, Paul’s business partner plans to trick him into business, without Paul’s knowledge. Shortly thereafter, Paul’s son Jake has a serious accident during a motocross event that lands him in surgery. Paul meets with Rebecca at the hospital in response to the news. To retrieve, however, Jake’s bunks with Paul in Paul’s studio apartment, which is a setting for their estranged relationship.

Back on the golf course, Will continues to pour his wisdom on Paul, speaking to him about God’s forgiveness and grace. Paul thinks it’s ridiculous, but Will emphasizes that a relationship with God is possible because no one is perfect unless he believes in Jesus. Paul says he’s not ready yet, but no one is a lost cause to God.

the mulligan works like a typical TV movie. action points happen at well-paced intervals. the actors do a good job. the film also contains light background music and comedic moments. The casting is well done, with Pat Boone playing a great Christian sage. the mulligan has good production values ​​with good montage sequences for an indie movie, but the sound is slightly fractured in a car scene and the acting is a bit melodramatic at times. however, for viewers who want an uplifting entertaining story, none of the film’s low-budget aspects will deter them from taking inspiration from the film’s emotional and spiritually uplifting messages.

the mulligan has a very strong pro-life, moral, christian worldview. mentoring is emphasized, and the mentor declares that “god is good” and shares the gospel. a character prays to receive jesus christ as his lord and savior and then says that he feels peace. another character presents a Bible study. Also, a man takes his concerns to God and learns saving faith, and other people emphasize the value of family. Furthermore, the film emphasizes Christian faith, forgiveness, and family. Also, a pastor recognizes the Christian testimony of a believer in a service and emphasizes the promise of heaven and eternal life. The Mulligan also has some overtly pro-capitalist elements about the importance of expanding business enterprises with integrity. however, there is some light violence, obscenity, and drunkenness implied in one scene. therefore, movieguide® recommends caution for younger children.

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