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Review : Thellavarithe Guruvaram – Dull Romance |

Thellavarithe guruvaram movie review

Video Thellavarithe guruvaram movie review

keeravani’s son sri simha is back with his new movie thellavarithe guruvaram. the movie comes out today and let’s see how it goes


The film opens with the wedding festivities of Veeru (Sri Simha) and Madhu (Misha Narang). The stage is set for an early morning wedding, but both Veeru and Madhu are not interested in getting married as they have problems of their own. What are they going to do now? will they escape? what about his parents? to find out what happens, you need to see the movie on the big screen.

positive points:

The plot of the movie is quite good. a couple who are forced to marry without their interest falling in love at their own wedding. this configuration is quite interesting. the comedy angle created is also great in the first half.

this is sri simha’s second film and he has improved by leaps and bounds. whether it’s his looks, body language, or dialogue delivery, he’s pretty impressive in this movie and does a good job in all the emotional scenes. the heroine chitra shukla is good in her role, but her character is not recorded correctly.

misha narang is neat as the innocent bride and does well in all the emotional scenes. but one of the main assets of the film is the comedian satya. he is hilarious and elicits great laughs every time he is on screen. his situational comedy track performs well in the proceedings. the second half has some emotions that show through the heroine’s angle.

negative points:

Like I said before, the movie has a good story, but the narrative isn’t that exciting. the movie had plenty of scope to conjure up more drama, romance and comedy, but that doesn’t happen and it all unravels on a note or so.

chitra shukla character graph is not handled well. why she is getting nervous in love, why she said no to the hero, all this should have been explained better in the first half to create more impact.

The beginning part of the second half is slow. time and time again, the film is filled with predictable scenes that hinder the flow and make things boring. the climax is also wrapped in a flash and seems forced.

technical aspects:

The film’s production values ​​are top notch. as the film takes place mainly at night, the camera work is amazing and shows the film in a good light. the editing is not that great as some routine scenes should have been cut to make things more exciting. the production design and the organization of the wedding are good.

kaala bhairava’s music is quite good, but its background music is quite impressive. coming to manager manikant, he has done a good job. Since he is inexperienced, he couldn’t make use of the story and couldn’t raise conflict points effectively. but he handled the comedy angle well in the movie.


Overall, thellavarithe guruvaram is a movie that has a good premise and decent performances. but the conflict points are not raised well and because of this the movie becomes dull and slow in many areas. If rom-coms are your forte, give this movie a shot, but there’s nothing exciting to watch in this movie and it ends up a sub-par movie this weekend. rating: 2.5/5

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