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Thikka movie review

mega hero, sai dharam tej is doing very well in his career. After the super success of Supreme, he is now back with a crazy breakup story called Thikka. Directed by Sunil Reddy, this movie has hit the screens today. let’s see if tej gets another hit or not.


aditya(sai dharam tej) is a happy and lucky employee who falls in love with anjali(larissa bonesi). the twist in the story comes when complications arise between the couple and they separate.

depressed by this, aditya calls a breakup party with his friends. A strange incident during the party changes the course of Aditya’s life. new characters such as a feared don, a prostitute, and the heroine’s father create even more confusion in the proceedings. the rest of the story is how aditya manages to get out of this crazy situation and get back to normal.

bonus points

sai dharam tej stays true to his character and does his best to save the film. the young hero performs well in all the drunken scenes and shows good comedy timing. the role of the comedian satya has been well written and he also acts well with some good shots.

the comedy of confusion shown during the last half hour provokes some laughs. larissa bonesi looks good but she doesn’t have much to do in the movie. the second half is a bit better compared to the horrible first part. ajay and fish venkat are good in some scenes.

negative points:-

One could have easily guessed the situation from the lackluster trailers that were initially released. the writing and execution are so bad that the procedures can give you an instant headache. the first impression one gets when watching this movie is how in the world sai dharam tej and a senior actor like rajendra prasad agreed on such a script.

Just after the first ten minutes, everything goes wrong. two songs follow each other and turn on the irritating thing in you. the story has absolutely no emotion and everything shown is also exaggerated. the movie is so loud at times that it makes you want to walk away from theaters right away.

Logic goes for a shot and none of the characters are in the sink. there is absolutely no chemistry between the main couple. mannara chopra looks completely dumb in her stupid role and is completely wasted. The entire first half of the movie makes no sense and is completely thrown away.

technical aspects:-

The film’s production values ​​are fine. thaman’s music is terrible as none of the songs manage to register. the camera work is fine and the dialogue is fine. the script is a huge disappointment as too many characters keep coming into the process and bogging down the movie.

as for the director sunil reddy, he hasn’t spoiled the movie at all with his lousy direction. he may have gotten the basic point of the comedy of confusion on paper, but his narration and the way he’s handled emotions leave a lot to be desired. he messes things up so badly that none of the roles or episodes in the movie manage to impress you at all.


Overall, thikka is a movie that sai dharam tej should immediately erase from his memory. You should stay away from scripts like these that can ruin your career big time. Except for his heartfelt acting, this movie has absolutely nothing to offer in any possible way. stay away from this one, otherwise you may end up losing your mind. rating: 2.25/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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