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Review : Thimmarusu – Decent Crime Drama |

Thimmarusu movie review

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theaters finally opened and a movie called timmarusu was released today. starring satyadev in a lead role, now let’s see what the movie is like.


The film begins with the murder of a taxi driver (chaitanya). But the thugs frame an innocent young man named Vasu in this case and he gets eight years in jail. lawyer ramachandra (satyadev) enters the scene and reopens the case. who killed the taxi driver? why vasu became a scapegoat and where the roles of priyanka jawalkar and brahmaji fit into this setup. that forms the rest of the story.

bonus points

it is a known fact that satyadev is a solid actor and he proved it once again with this movie. Timmarusu takes it a notch higher in his career, as Satya also shows the chunky side of him. Whether it’s the fights, the dialogue delivery, or the emotional scenes, Satya has rocked the show and is the featured actor in the film.

brahmaji is a versatile actor and he proved it once again with this film. he plays a great supporting act for satyadev and especially his comedy was pretty good and got decent laughs in the movie. jhansi does a good job in the role of him. ajay is pretty good as a cop. The actor who played Vasu was also quite effective in his role.

priyanka jawalkar looks good in her role. the thrill factor in the film has been handled well for the most part. the angle of the villain, the twists in the second half were impressive. the director managed to narrate the film captivatingly and finished it convincingly.

negative points

One of the biggest negatives of the film is the excessive build-up that is created in many scenes. from highlighting the hero and crime scene, things are promoted for no reason. in some areas, logic goes for a toss. things should have been taken in this aspect.

The hint of the heroine in the movie seems weak and could have been better. this derails the film somewhat and makes for slow proceedings. also, the first half could have been a bit more exciting to make things more effective.

technical aspects

Mahesh Koneru’s production values ​​were quite good. the film has impeccable camera work and shows off the court setup quite well. the film’s music is decent, but srichanran pakala’s bgm was quite effective. the editing is good and so was the production design.

as for the director sharan, he did a decent job with the movie. the basic suspense of the film has been kept alive and this is where the minor flaws of the film are covered. If he had improved a bit in the first half and avoided unnecessary lofts, things would have been quite effective.


Overall, timmarusu is a relevant crime drama with an interesting background. the excitement and suspense have been maintained for the most part. aside from a few logical issues here and there and a slightly slow first half, this movie has a solid performance from satyadev and makes up for a decent viewing this weekend. rating: 3/5

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