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Tungabhadra telugu movie review

producer sai korrapati, has been associated with some significant films in the past. his latest submission is the tungabhadra village drama which has hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


The story of the film is based on the lives of two groups of factions in the village of Karlapoodi in the Guntur district. sivaramakrsihna (satyaraj) heads a group and is always opposed by trimurthulu (chalapathi rao) and his sons. on the other hand, srinu (adith) is a young and aggressive disciple of sivaramakrishna who falls in love with his daughter gauri (dimple chopde).

The twist in the story comes when sivaramkrishna finds out about his daughter’s love affair. this is also the time when the enemy group decides to attack sivaramakrishna. The rest of the story is how Gauri and Srinu’s love story survives all these troubles and what happens to the gang wars in the village.

positive points:-

satyaraj is the film’s main asset and gives a decent performance. her expressions and screen presence during the climax is good. adith arun is decent in her role, but she has limited scope to act. dimple chopde looks apt as a village belle and fits in very well with the story.

The way the entire story has been set in the countryside seems convincing. the production values ​​are quite good as the film is shown in natural light. the first half of the movie is okay and decently entertaining.

jabardasth sreenu and josh naveen are very good in their respective roles. the climax of the film has been executed well. all the making scenes during the climax have been conceived quite well.

negative points:-

The main drawback of the film is the lack of freshness in the script. stories with a factional backdrop have been dealt with many times in the past. after starting on a positive note, the hero character gets sidetracked and loses direction during the ending.

The story of the film begins mainly during the second half. the narration is subpar as the procedures during this time do not create any effects. Another big drawback is the predictable nature of the script. from the beginning, you are exactly aware of what will happen next. the hero who falls in love with his boss’s daughter, the town’s politics, it all seems so old-fashioned.

the emotions shown have absolutely no impact, since all the scenes in the second half are routine. there are a lot of logics missing in the movie. certain characters and their approach has not been clearly justified.

technical aspects:-

The camera work in the film is quite good and it shows the rural areas excellently. the script is a big drawback as none of the scenes make an impact. the music is okay, but the background score is decent. the dialogues are good and fit well with the mood of the movie.

director srinivasa krishna had an interesting line, but the way he executed the film is below par. not once during the movie do you get emotional about the proceedings. the way the director has also treated the character of the hero lacks focus.


Overall, tungabhadra is a below average product from the house of vaarahi. a decent first half, some comedy scenes, and an emotional climax are some of the assets. on the other hand, a routine storyline, a delay in narration, and a predictable plot spoil the atmosphere of the film. everyone who likes country town dramas can give this movie a try. rating: 2.75/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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