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Unnadi okate zindagi movie review

vunnadi okkate zindagi is a movie that has been heavily promoted. Directed by Kishore Tirumala, this movie has hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


abhi(ram) and varun(sree vishnu) are very close childhood friends of each other. the twist in the story comes with the entrance of maha (anupama) and the good friends become at odds with each other. what happened between the two friends? what problem did maha create? And where does magi (lavanya) fit into the whole picture? To know the answers to all these questions, you need to see the movie on the big screen.

positive points:-

The way the friendship factor is shown between these two friends is narrated quite well, especially in the second half. the way things are convincingly displayed during the climax is sure to impress the audience.

ram is perfect in his role which has two nuances. he looks very handsome and also carries his emotions with a lot of experience. all the scenes of him with anupama and sree vishnu have been shown quite well.

anupama is the star of the movie as she has a very meaty role. she does superbly in her character and looks quite elegant during his stay in the first half. her chemistry with ram has been raised quite nicely.

last but not least, sree vishnu gets another meaty role. although she isn’t there much during the first half, she gets him back during the last part and completes the movie. he is a talented actor who has the ability to slip into any role and it will be interesting to see how he chooses the films here. finally, after pelli choopulu, priyadarshi gets a large role and entertains very well throughout the movie.

negative points:-

one of the biggest drawbacks is that the movie is a bit slow. procedures take their own sweet time to settle down. the movie needs some serious editing to keep things sharp and fast.

During the first half, there aren’t many scenes that elevate the friendship between the two close friends. some heavy emotional scenes should have been added to give real meaning to the friendship. Lavanya Tripathi seems out of place as her role has not been well played. Furthermore, the way she looks and the way she has been presented looks below average.

One more aspect is that you get the feeling that all the good and emotional scenes are kept aside only for the last 10 minutes and until then the proceedings are pretty routine. also in terms of story, the movie has a very old story of two friends who get in trouble because of a girl.

technical aspects:-

the production values ​​of sravanti films are top notch. the film has a very nice feel to it as the locations were chosen, the backdrop was created, everything looks great. devi sri prasad’s music is ok as there was a clear scope to have better romantic and friendship based songs. the dialogues are impressive and give depth to the film. the camera work is also very good as it shows vizag and its surroundings very well.

referring to the director kishore tirumala, he has done a decent job with the film. he couldn’t narrate the movie on a very interesting note as the chosen line itself is very thin. As for the scenes, his execution is good, but overall he makes the proceedings a bit simple and not that exciting.


Overall, vunnadi okkate zingadi is a simple and moving story of friendship and love. good bonding between the friends, ram and anupama’s love track and some comedy in the second half are basic assets. the film will appeal more to young people as it is aimed at them. but for the general public, the proceedings are a bit slow and predictable, which makes the film acceptable to watch this weekend. rating: 3/5

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