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Uthama villain movie review

Video Uthama villain movie review

Legendary actor kamal haasan is back with his ambitious project uttama villain. After a series of hurdles, this movie finally hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


manoranjan(kamal haasan) is a great movie star loved by the masses. she leads a controversial life and hides it from her fans. One fine day, she finds out that she has a brain tumor and that she will soon die.

A disappointed manoranjan decides to make the most of his remaining time acting in one last movie. he approaches his mentor margadarshi (k balachander) and asks her to direct his latest film. a prestigious project called uttama villain is released and the rest of the story is if manoranjan completes the movie and fulfills his dying wish.

positive points:-

Without a doubt, kamal haasan is the biggest advantage of this film. her performance as a dying superstar is tremendous and she will keep you emotional. there are certain scenes during the climax that will make you choke up. The way kamal portrays her controversial life and shows her comedic moment as a theyyam artist is quite good.

Legendary director K Balanchander is perfect in his role and brings a lot of depth to the film. all the scenes of him with kamal haasan are so touching and show the bond between them. the climax of the film has been handled well and brings an emotional appeal to the film.

The heroines Andrea and Pooja Kumar look good in their respective roles and provide decent support to the film. a scene where she confronts her son has been superbly written.

negative points:-

Uttama’s villain has his flaws and can get boring at times. Even though the period drama has been shown well, the way it has been narrated in the second half is below average. the movie moves back and forth in time and the way the subplot connects to the main theme seems jaded and boring.

Another big disappointing factor of the movie is the running time. the movie is three hours long and can make you nervous. there are a number of scenes in the second half that could easily have been cut to make the movie sharp. after an interesting half hour in the first half, the pace of the film drops drastically. k vishwanath has not been used to its full potential.

the villain of uttama has absolutely no entertainment value and becomes boring for those looking for popcorn entertainment. this film has the feel of an art film and will appeal to only part of the audience.

technical aspects:-

uttama’s villain is super strong on the technical front. the art direction is top notch and the sets used and lighting arrangements are simply wonderful. another major asset of this movie is ghibran’s tremendous background score that takes the movie to another level.

The music of the film is almost ok. as said above the script of the movie is the biggest drawback and it gets stuck every time the movie goes back in time. the story provided by kamal haasan is quite good, but the way director ramesh aravind handles the narration spoils the flow of the film.


In general, the uttama villain will only appeal to a certain part of the audience. Kamal Haasan’s mature performance and an emotional climax are staple assets of the film. on the other hand, a long second half and lack of entertainment values ​​will work against the movie in a big way. finally, all those who like kamal haasan’s style of making movies and melodrama might end up liking it. but otherwise, it’s a below-average affair. rating: 2.75/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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