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Vadaladu Telugu Movie Review |

Vadaladu movie review

after a long hiatus, the hero siddharth returns with his new movie vadaladu. the tamil dubbed movie has hit the screens today and let’s see what it’s like.


jagan(siddharth) is a food safety officer who becomes a headache for various businessmen. he falls in love with a school teacher jyothi (catherine tresa) and when everything seems to be going well, all those businessmen who got caught by jagan start dying one after another. Why are these entrepreneurs dying? does jagan have something to do with them? and what is the connection between food security and jagan? to know this, you have to see the movie on the big screen.

positive points:

The basic concept of food safety and how people get food poisoning looks good. Also, the way the love story is woven into the plot is quite interesting. hero siddharth does a good job as a food inspector. he is always sincere with his roles and once again shows good emotions. His emotions during the horror scenes are quite good.

catherine tresa does it beautifully and is one of the film’s greatest assets. she looks simple and well-emoted in all the emotional and horror scenes with a lot of poise. Kabir Singh was amazing as the bad guy in the movie. satish and other actors gave their best. the way the food industry operates and how poorly food products are recycled has been shown in an amazing way.

negative points:

Although the concept of the film is solid, the script had several problems. the way unnecessary love scenes were induced into the film, even if they weren’t necessary, weakened the film in many areas. the so-called horror episodes shown failed to elevate the film well and were routine.

The filmmakers had a good opportunity to elevate the film in many areas, but the director failed. the film is a serious social drama and does not have the basic commercial aspects that many Telugu viewers look for. Except for the interval explosion, there are no major twists in the movie.

technical aspects:

thaman’s music and background music were quite impressive. the camera work in the film is exceptional as several scenes have been shown in a very realistic way. editing was fine as several horror scenes could have been removed. the film’s production values ​​are top notch.

referring to the director shekar, he has done a decent job with the film. he chose a blunt point and showed it quite well. but his script and too many horror scenes played a spoiled sport and reduced the viewing experience in many areas.


Overall, vadaladu is a passable social drama that has a good gist. the main couple do an excellent job and keep the movie going well most of the time. but an uneven script in critical areas and routine horror elements bring the film down many times. All those who like to watch different types of movies and don’t care about the serious nature of the subject matter can give this movie a shot. the rest can watch the movie when it airs on TV. rating: 2.75/5

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