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Review : Varudu Kaavalenu – Sensible and Mature romance |

Varudu kaavalenu movie review

varudu kaavalenu has been promoted a lot in recent days. the movie starring naga shourya and ritu varma was released today let’s see how it goes.


bhumi(ritu varma) is an independent woman who is not interested in marriage. she comes akash (naga shourya) to her company as an architect and immediately falls in love with bhumi. just when he decides to reveal his love for her, bhumi immediately rejects the akash. she has a solid reason for doing this but she doesn’t reveal it to akash. what is that reason and how akash handled this breakup and won bhumi’s love is the basic story.

positive points:

varudu kaavalenu is full of beautiful moments and sensible romance. This is not your normal boy-meets-girl romance, but instead shows a mature relationship between a couple in their 30s. this makes procedures sensible and elegant.

naga shourya is in top form when it comes to love stories. he is handsome in his new look and performs superbly. the way he shows subtle emotions throughout the movie is very good. naga shourya has an important role and brings a lot of depth to the film.

ritu varma gives the best performance of his career and is amazing as bhumi. She has a wide berth to play the lady with the attitude problem, and Ritu does it very well. she looks gorgeous in saris and this movie is sure to be a game changer for her.

senior actress, nadia is very good as the possessive mother. Vennela Kishore, Saptagirl provide good comedy on both halves. himaja is good in her role and so was praveen. murali sharma plays the secondary role of her well.

another major bonus is the amazing dialogues of newcomer ganesh ravuri. they are simple, sensitive and bring a lot of depth to the film. the conversations between the main couple are crucial and stand out very well in contemporary dialogues.

negative points:

although it is not a big inconvenience but the pace of the movie is a bit slow. proceedings take their own time to unfold and this can bore some of the audience.

also, there is not much story in the movie and the second half is a test. just to cover the delay, the creators add comedy scenes which luckily work.

technical aspects:

The film’s production values ​​are top notch as the film looks contemporary and colourful. ritu varma and naga shourya are beautifully designed in both time zones.

The camera work is quite colorful and so was the supporting cast. Yet another asset of the film is the decent music. the songs are carefully composed and do not obstruct the flow of the film.

Coming to director lakshmi sowjanya, she makes an impressive debut. her writing, her characters and her emotions are strong and hold the movie together. she handles the love angle maturely and narrates the film with a lot of class. she surely she is here to stay.


Overall, varudu kaavalenu is a mature love story full of strong emotions. Naga Shourya and Ritu Varma steal the show with their solid performances. Except for the slow pace, this movie has no-nonsense romance, heartwarming dialogue, and timely songs that make it good family entertainment this Diwali season. cheer up. rating: 3.25/5

reviewed by 123telugu team

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