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Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu Telugu Movie Review |

Veera bhoga vasantha rayalu movie review

Much has been said about veera bhoga vasantha rayulu in recent months. After a unique round of promotions, the film has hit the screens today. let’s see if it lives up to all your expectations or not.


veera bhoga vasantha rayulu deals with three different subplots that run in parallel. one is about a boy’s missing house and the other plot is about a missing plane carrying Indian cricketers. The last and the key plot is about a series of kidnappings that are happening in Hyderabad. the interesting thing is that all the stories are interrelated in one way or another. what are all these cases? what is the link between them? And what roles do deepak reddy (nara rohit), neelima (shriya saran), vinay (sudheer babu), and sree vishnu play in this setup? To find out the answers, you need to watch the movie on the big screen.

positive points:

nara rohit is good at his role as a tough investigative officer and all of his scenes evoke decent interest. sudheer babu as if vinay got a good role and did his best in the movie. shriya saran looks good and skilfully supports nara rohit.

sree vishnu gets a complete makeover and tries something different in this movie. Whether it was the looks or the way she played the role, the young hero gave his best in the movie.

The basic idea of ​​the movie’s story is decent, but the way it’s been executed is disappointing. the way the twist is revealed for the last fifteen minutes seems a bit interesting.

negative points:

The movie starts off on an interesting note but the excitement dies down immediately. there is too much bloodshed in the film and the way it is narrated seems out of place.

sree vishnu’s character is exaggerated in certain areas and she takes a lot of liberties with her role, which looks weird. logic is thrown and the movie starts to seem silly and tests your patience in many areas.

The film’s production values ​​are low as the film looks like a b-grade film in many areas. The three plots that have been written on paper look good, but when they’re played out on screen, things get silly and too hard to digest.

technical aspects:

mark k robinson’s music is pretty disappointing, but his background music was pretty good. as stated above the production values ​​are horrible as the short films being made these days have better standards. the editing lacks punch, as many scenes in both halves could have been cut. the camera work is clean only in certain areas. the dialogue is fine and the production design was bad.

Coming to the director indrasena, he has done a horrible job with the movie. Although his thought process is good, the way he has executed the film is totally disappointing. Not only does his narration lack focus in many areas, but it tests the audience’s patience with his illogical scenes.


Overall, Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayulu is a confusing mystery thriller that goes wrong in every way. Although the main star cast tries hard to save the movie with their acting, there is nothing interesting for the audience to look forward to. so keep your expectations in check and watch at your own risk. rating: 2/5

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