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Veeri veeri gummadi pandu movie review

Video Veeri veeri gummadi pandu movie review

Continuing the trend of low-budget movies, another horror comedy, veere veere gummadi pandu, has hit screens today. let’s see how it does at the box office.


chitti(rudra) and babu(sanjay), who belong to a close-knit family, buy a sprawling bungalow once owned by a superstar. The whole family moves to this bungalow and spend precious moments together.

As time passes, his family begins to encounter some strange incidents in the bungalow. after a point, an evil spirit also causes big problems for the family only to make things worse. what is really going on in the bungalow? who is this evil spirit? And how does the whole family get out of these problems? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:-

One of the greatest assets of the film is the preinterval and interval block. the way certain suspense elements have been shown during this time is good. in addition, the part before the climax has also been handled well.

The twist that occurs during the climax is impressive. the leading man hinting at a sequel is executed very well. rudra is the best of all and offers decent performance. the child artists who have played crucial roles also impressed very well. Posani and Raghu Babu’s comedy is fine in bits.

negative points:-

Except for the climax, the film fails from the start with loose ends. the characters were out of place, the comic timing was off, and the element of surprise was completely missing. the film emulates the format of ‘raju gari gadi’ although without comedy or terror.

heroine vennela looks beautiful and showed off her glamor well but fails to impress with her acting skills. the songs are randomly placed, while the music was rough to listen to. In general, the film lacks all the emotions that she promised to offer.

technical aspects:-

The technical aspects of the film are perhaps the saving grace. the cinematographer did the part of him justice by elevating scenes that are really just average. Coming to the music performed by P.R, aside from the song ‘Vennela’, no other song strikes a chord with the audience. also, the background score failed to impress in a big way.

the production values, direction and direction are simple, without exciting elements. director m.v sagar’s vision and point of view could not be seen through the exception of the climax. the movie could have been better if the plot was as interesting as the ending.


Overall, veere veere gummandi pandu falls into no man’s land. the story, the execution and the performances, none of them entertain you at any point in the movie. Except for the interval and the climax part, this movie is a mediocre approach to movie-making and can easily be ignored this weekend. rating: 2.25/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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