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Venkatapuram movie review

Video Venkatapuram movie review

happy days fame, rahul has been struggling to get a proper hit under his belt. Not giving up hope, he returns with an intense crime thriller titled Venkatapuram. The movie has hit the screens all day long and let’s see if it gives Rahul the success he so badly needs.


The story takes place in Vizag when Anand(rahul) and Chaitra(Mahima) live in the same apartment building. unsurprisingly, they become close friends and begin to develop feelings for each other.

The twist in the story comes when Chaitra gets into a big problem involving a feared gang and a group of corrupt cops. the rest of the story is how anand takes control and solves chaitra’s problems one after another.

positive points:

One of the biggest selling points of the film is the basic premise of the film. the plot is interesting and the way it has been set in the midst of corrupt cops with a suspenseful theme is quite good. the production values ​​are top notch as the film looks unique and intriguing.

the hero rahul has done a good job in the movie. his hard work is clearly visible through his body and emotional outburst during the second half. he suits the role of him perfectly and fits the serious role quite well. ajay does his job well in the second half

ajay ghosh is the mainstay of the film as his menacing cop act brings a fair amount of depth to the proceedings. the way he has shown the evil side of him works well for the plot and all of his investigation scenes are quite realistic and have been handled well.

negative points:-

Things get a bit complicated as the love line between the main couple hasn’t been well established. For the hero to take such serious measures of crime for the heroine, the creators should have shown a deep bond between the couple.

Even though the mahima heroine looks good, she has too much to accomplish and doesn’t bring the necessary emotions. the film drags in many areas, such as scenes like college girls going out for a smoke that could have been over even quickly.

Logic goes by the board in many areas as the director has taken too many liberties. there are many unanswered questions, such as the death of the heroine’s parents and how the hero handles all the crimes.

technical aspects:-

as said above the camera work is excellent and especially the aerial shots showing the city of vizag look amazing. achu’s music is very good as all the songs are pretty decent. the dialogues are fine and so was the production design. the editing is decent, but there are a few scenes that could have been edited out during the first half.

as for the director venu, he has done a good job with the film. he has executed the film quite well on paper, but has only managed to bring the film to life on screen to a certain extent. the way he’s kept the suspense element is pretty good. Although he starts the movie on a slow note, he ends it quite convincingly.


Overall, venkatapuram has a decent premise and good suspense elements in the second half. Rahul does well in his comeback movie, but director venu’s narration should have been a bit sharp as the movie belongs to the thriller genre. if you keep your expectations in check and ignore a few logics here and there, this movie can easily be seen this weekend. rating: 3/5

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