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Vinara Sodara Veera Kumaraa Telugu Movie Review |

Vinara sodara veera kumara movie review

vinara sodara veera kumara is a small movie that created quite a stir with its promising commercials. Directed by Sateesh Chandra Nadella, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how the movie turns out.


Fed up with Ramana’s (Srinivas Sai) aggressive behavior in the village, his family decides to migrate to a peaceful place. After moving to the new place, Ramana falls in love with a girl named Sulochana (Priyanka Jain). On the other hand, Ramana finds a true friend in a dead soul named Suri. Why did the soul choose ramana as his friend? how suri died what is the point of common conflict in the lives of ramana and suri? To get an answer to all these riddles, you need to watch the movie in theaters near you.

positive points:

Young hero, Srinivas Sai is good at his role as a slum boy. his delivery of dialogue and his acting in emotional scenes in the second half add depth to the proceedings.

The heroine Priyanka Jain is suitable for the role of a girl going to college. her acting in some crucial scenes is impressive. a romantic song coming in the second half will captivate the young audience.

Featured actor, uttej and host jhansi as the hero’s parents did a decent job in the limited screen presence. a social message given at the end invites reflection.

negative points:

The biggest negative point of the movie is its dragging narration in the first half. proceedings during this time seem unattractive with a flat script. the lack of entertainment and nice songs is also a drawback for the film.

Although the central point is established on an emotional note in the second half, it does not come across strongly. the love story between the main couple is not shown effectively and lacks freshness.

technical aspects:

director sateesh chandra nadella tried to get a message across by selecting a burning social issue and partially succeeded. his idea of ​​making a love story in the rural context is good and adequately shows the village atmosphere, but the narration is boring. the editing work is fine. the cinematography work is good since the natural locations are well captured.

The stage work is impressive, as the houses and other design work are convincing. lakshmi bhoopal’s dialogues are good in parts. shravan bharadwaj’s music is not up to par and the background score is also too loud. the production values ​​of this low-budget movie are decent.


Overall, vinara sodara veera kumara is a typical village love story presented with a social message. the acting of the main couple and some emotional scenes in the second half are good, but the lack of gripping storytelling and the abrupt ending will stand out as negatives in the movie and make this a sub-par movie to watch this weekend. rating: 2.5/5

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