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We recently had a chance to look at walt life disney subscription boxes. they sent us a courtesy box in exchange for our honest review. check out our chart (and more about the service) below!

do you have any subscription boxes? We don’t do it anymore, but the concept seems to have exploded like crazy in recent years. there are boxes for fandoms (disney subscription boxes, harry potter collectible boxes, etc) and boxes that can be a little more practical (beauty products, clothes, dog toys…).

I think I had given up on them, just based on decision fatigue!

when walt life contacted us to review their boxes, we were thrilled. If you’ve been here a long time, you know our family is up for anything Disney. it seemed fitting that we received our box while in the most magical place on earth! πŸ™‚

walt life subscription boxes

before sending us our gifts, the people at walt life asked a few questions, like my favorite color or my favorite character. It seems that when you sign up for a Walt Life subscription, you have the opportunity to specify whether you want a female, male, or neutral box, and the age(s) of the recipient(s). You can also opt for a classic Disney box, a Star Wars themed box, etc.

more on that in a bit, but wanted to clarify that our box may have been more personalized or unique than a standard subscription box. you are likely to receive a box similar to others (with a certain set of preferences) in a given month. (In our experience, this is how most subscription boxes work, compared to a more personalized experience.)

what was in our walt life box?

The first thing I noticed when I opened our (adorable!) box was a white baseball cap with the almost perfect Mary Poppins on it in person.

We also got these fantastic “it’s a small world” ears that my daughters and I have been eyeing on many trips. how did they know?!

we also got a 2020 picture frame, two adorable key chains, and a little pack of disney-themed jelly beans (which no, I didn’t really end up sharing).

how walt’s life works

As I admit, it’s been a while since I’ve had much experience with subscription boxes, but I found no nasty surprises when reviewing Walt Life’s process and offerings.

walt life box themes & sizes

walt life customers can choose from a variety of different themes, sizes and subscription plans.

disney subscription box

The disney subscription box includes pins or other items from the disney parks, delivered monthly. the following sizes are available:

Each box includes free shipping within the US. uu. and the ability to cancel at any time or even skip a month.

Please note: I have a reader who rightly pointed out that disney items can include things like the small packet of jelly beans. They’re delicious and it’s nice to have variety in each box, but keep that in mind when choosing your box and waiting for it to arrive!

“five disney items” can probably never reasonably be five $25 minnie ears headbands. I thought it was definitely worth noting though, because I know I could have easily focused on the exciting “big” items that I see in the boxes and imagined something different than what is actually included.

surprise! box

I love this idea. Unlike the monthly subscription options, this is a single box that is great for announcing an upcoming trip. $49 box includes 6+ Disney items, including “holiday-specific treats,” in a cute, top-secret box.

star wars subscription boxes

In addition to classic Disney/Disney Parks items, Walt Life offers subscription boxes for Star Wars fans. the “walt wars” box ($49) includes more than 5 authentic star wars items, plus all the same benefits as disney subscription boxes.

other walt life choices

if you don’t want general merchandise, walt life also has a full selection of subscription options for dealers and collectors.

  • pin edition: includes an authentic disney trading pin
  • collector’s pin: includes authentic disney trading pin on original back
  • Marvel Collector: Includes a Marvel Trading Pin with Backing
  • star wars collector: includes an endorsed star wars trading pin
  • there are also boxes dedicated to disney snacks and other options for gifts or goodie bags.

    our thoughts on walt life disney subscription boxes (… and subscription boxes in general)

    the main reason I stopped receiving subscription boxes after using them for several months (years ago) is that they seemed to have “run their course”, at least to me.

    It certainly wasn’t that, say, stitch fix ran out of clothes to offer. but I’m a relatively minimalist when it comes to collectibles, and even clothing and housewares, so I just didn’t need, or really even want, any more clothing after a while.

    I don’t think fandoms like disney, harry potter, star wars, star trek, lego, ever run out of things to enjoy. πŸ™‚ the biggest question for me and my family when considering any subscription box is do we really need or want more “stuff”. sometimes, maybe even depending on the day, the answer is a resounding yes. but we’re probably not the right audience for long-term, ongoing subscriptions of any kind.

    That being said, I’ll tell you my favorite use of subscription boxes: giving gifts! If you know a fan of Disney or Star Wars, or a fan of anything else that a reputable subscription service offers, it’s great to be able to give a gift that is a one-time lovely surprise in the mail, or an ongoing gift. . gift that the recipient can enjoy for a few months!

    in that sense, whether buying it as a gift or just deciding to treat myself or my family once in a while, walt life really excites me. here’s why:

    1. It may not seem like much, but that packaging was impressive. everything is very cute and well packed for the safety of the items. it was a great first impression, and for some of us, that means a lot.
    2. The articles are great. If you’re a fan of Disney Parks merchandise, you know there are plenty to choose from. I’ve never pulled the trigger on “it’s a small world” ears, but I’m thrilled that I now have them. If an item comes from the Disney parks, you know, whether or not it becomes your new favorite item, what to expect in terms of quality and design.
    3. the “walt life treasures” game is really nifty and something I haven’t personally experienced with a subscription service like this. each box includes a token with a letter in w-a-l-t-l-i-f-e or a joker. You earn prizes by collecting tokens that spell “walt,” “life,” or “walt life.” I can’t speak specifically about the likelihood of you winning an award, but I have a feeling it’s not like trying to win a monopoly with McDonald’s in a contest so complicated they’ve made a documentary about it. πŸ™‚ the prizes (a mini tsum tsum, stuffed bean bag, or other “disney parks item”) are a very nice addition, but not so extravagant that they can never be given away. you can win a trip for two to walt disney world if you complete “walt life” without ‘wild’ tokens. this gives me an idea of ​​what tokens one might expect to be common or how difficult that task would be, but overall, it sounds like the program would really be worth keeping track of your tokens from each box.
    4. should we order more boxes of walt life?

      absolutely! at least, I’m impressed enough with the one I received to continue testing the service. we’re signing up to get at least one extra box for our family (maybe one for each kid…? it all depends on how generous I’m feeling. πŸ™‚).

      as mentioned above, it may not be something we continue long-term, simply because we’re not big “collectors”. however, I know many people who would absolutely count down the days until their next box for months. So far, I have no reason to believe that Walt Life wouldn’t fit that bill very well. I’ll keep you posted after we’ve purchased our own boxes and received a couple more to compare!

      get your own walt life box(es) at a discount!

      If you’d like to try a subscription box or other merchandise, use code deliciouslife10 to get $10 off your purchase.

      Check out some of Walt Life’s previous charts here for more ideas of what to include.

      you can find answers to frequently asked questions here, or contact me and I’ll see if I can find someone from walt life with an answer.

      It’s been a long and strange year. I’d love to hear if you bring a little more Disney magic into your homes (and your families, who are probably getting a little tired of being in those homes…) by taking a look at Walt Life! share your photos with me on instagram or facebook!

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