Lifetime Channel List For Spectrum (2022 Guide)

What channel is lifetime movie network on spectrum

Video What channel is lifetime movie network on spectrum

Sometimes it seems like it takes a lifetime to figure out where the channel for life is on your spectrum TV.

one reason this is the case is that there are 3 different lifetime channel brands not to mention duplicate channels.

We wanted to make it easier to find the lifetime channel, so we did some research and found out where all the lifetime channels were in the cities the spectrum operates in.

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lifetime channel on spectrum list

Do you want to see all the life? take a look at the list below.

lifetime movie network list (spectrum)

You can see the network of movies of a lifetime in the following channels of the spectrum.

lifetime real women channel list

The Lifetime Real Women Channel is a newer channel that you can watch on the following channels on the spectrum.

watching life in new york and north carolina

you can see the channel of all life in the spectrum on channel 170 in new york. movies for life is on channel 630 in new york.

the real women for life channel is available on channel 174 in manhattan and albany. not available in buffalo.

for the regular lifetime channel, in addition to 170, you can watch 62 in manhattan, 30 in albany, and 28 in buffalo.

Movies for Life is also available on channel 80 in Manhattan and 64 in Albany.

it’s pretty simple to see all the life in north carolina. go to channel 170 to see lifelong movies, 630 to see lifelong movies and 174 to see real women of all life.

In addition to 170, you can also watch Vida Vida on Channel 33 in Durham and Raleigh and 31 in Charlotte.

The movies of all life are also on channel 47 in durham and raleigh in addition to 630 and also on 72 in charlotte.

where to watch in texas

in texas, you can watch classic movies on channel 630, classic movies on channel 170, and classic real women movies on channel 174.

this will work everywhere in tx except dallas where you can watch movies for life on channels 39 and 742 and for life on channels 260 and 838.

real women for life is not available in dallas.

there are movie sideways for life and for life in texas.

are the following for life:

corpus christi: 52, 170san antonio: 29, 170austin: 26, 170el paso: 49, 170

here are movies for life

corpus christi: 97, 630san antonio: 74, 630austin: 76, 630el paso: 77, 630

spectrum lifetime oh & kc

lifetime is on channels 121 and 985 in kentucky for spectrum customers. In addition to these channels, you can watch Channel 29 in Lexington and Channel 121 in Louisville.

for classic movies go to channel 611 or 986. 78 will work in lexington and 87 will work in louisville.

real women of all life is on channel 124 in the state.

people who live in columbus and cincinnati can watch a lifetime on channels 211 and 1211.

The classic movies are on channels 278 and 1278 for those cities.

real women for life is only available in cincinnati and is on channel 212 there.

other channels where you can watch lifetime movies include 37 in cincinnati and 27 in cleveland for regular lifetime movies and 36 for lifetime movies in cincinnati.

other places to look

for most of california, you can watch the channel for life on 170 and movies for life on 630 on the spectrum.

in san diego, in addition to 630, it can also be seen on channel 68.

lifetime is also on channel 47 in los angeles, 32 in san diego and 59 in anaheim.

sadly, real women for life are not available in much of california.

this is where you can see all the life in long beach and bakersfield.

long beachlifetime: 34, 754l movies: 83, 783lifetime real women: 113

bakersfieldlifetime: 35, 203, 1203l movies: 72, 648, 1648lifetime real women: 222

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