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What famous people live in miami

As one of America’s most popular tourist cities, Miami offers plenty of entertainment, often served up with a touch of glamour. It’s got beaches, girls, and of course, one of America’s hottest nightlife scenes. (Plus, who doesn’t love a good Cuban sandwich?!) When you live in Miami, you get all the conveniences that come with it. It goes without saying that this area attracts many celebrities. how many people you might recognize may surprise you. Here are the biggest celebrities living in Miami.

hash-mark15 biggest celebrities living in miami

  • pitbull
  • sylvester stallone
  • madonna
  • julio Iglesias
  • cher
  • tommy hilfiger
  • lebron james
  • matt damon
  • jennifer lopez
  • shakira
  • dwayne wade
  • oprah winfrey
  • shaquille o’neill
  • ricky martin
  • gianni versace


So, we can also start with one of the most notorious Miamians of all time: Pit Bull! The Latin singer and rapper is famous for being “Mr. 305” and having heavy beats. Although he is world famous for his Cuban charm, he is still proud to call Miami home.

While Pitbull is a great musician, he may not have been a good neighbor. He had a lawsuit regarding one of his properties in Miami that acted as the backdrop for multiple music videos. turns out it was a huge eyesore in the town of pinecrest.

hash-marksylvester stallone

to a certain extent, it seems that having sly stallone living in miami has to be part of the unwritten laws of hollywood. his fame for his role in the specialist made that a thing.

Regardless, Stallone remains a fan of the area’s warm weather and incredible beaches. with his ’80s tan, it’s easy to see why. Of course, you have to do it retro, with a neoclassical house overlooking Biscayne Bay.


madonna has lived all over the world, with homes including london, new york and, yes, miami too. the material girl herself was famous for her globetrotting ways, and although she doesn’t live there full time, she still has a vacation home in the area. it’s hard not to see why, either. the beautiful sights of miami can enchant anyone.

Your Tuscan-style villa spans 7,954 square feet. So while she may be a material girl, it’s pretty safe to say that she has plenty of room for all that material.

hash-markjulio Iglesias

It’s no surprise that many Latino celebrities call Miami home, considering the number of cultural hotspots in the area. Julio Iglesias is one of many Latin singers currently living in Miami full time. His sprawling mansion can be found at 4 Indian Creek Island Road.

Your house has 10 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a pool, and amazing architecture around every corner. His son, the famous singer Enrique Iglesias also lives in the area and owns a house on the prestigious Isla de las Estrellas in Miami Beach.

hash marker

if there’s one celebrity who loves miami as much as pitbull, we’re willing to bet it’s cher. Cher had not one but two properties on the city limits. Although she sold his Key Biscayne mansion, she still calls Miami home.

Her current home is a beautiful six-bedroom, seven-bathroom home featuring a gourmet kitchen, stunning backyard, and split-level living room. it covers a sprawling 11,000 square feet.

hash-marktommy hilfiger

A design expert? in Miami? it’s more likely than you think. Tommy Hilfiger, one of the biggest names in fashion, currently has a home located in the heart of Golden Beach. his family currently lives in an impressive mansion that has 7 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, not to mention an amazing party area!

hilfiger’s mansion is decorated from head to toe with a wide variety of designs and handcrafted furnishings. it is to be expected, after all. he is a major style icon for a reason.

hash-marklebron james

if ever there was a name famous for being associated with sports in miami, it would be lebron james. I’d be crazy if I didn’t live here, especially since it’s associated with the local sports scene. With a 6-bedroom, 8-bathroom home, LeBron doesn’t flaunt his wealth as much as others on this list. He is also famous for liking seclusion, which is why he lives in Crystal View Court.

hash-markmatt damon

acts, produces and even directs! It’s Matt Damon, and he’s a Hollywood legend by everyone’s standards. His house in Miami has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Of course, his mansion is not only nicely designed. Rumor has it, it also has its own private guest house and wine cellar. ostentatious!

Do you want to drive by his house? it is simple. Tourists can catch a glimpse of this celebrity on the Bay Road list.

hash-markjennifer lopez

singer, dancer and perfume expert jennifer lopez has the advantage of being one of matt damon’s neighbors. She also lives in the Miami Beach neighborhood on Star Island. jlo’s house has the same exotic touches as matt damon’s, though hers has a slightly different number of rooms.

always a fan of aesthetics, it is rumored that mrs. Lopez has a koi pond, beautiful gardens, and a beautiful view of the bay in her backyard. it seems to be the way he channels his “jenergy”.


Famous for saying “hips don’t lie,” Shakira’s music career catapulted her into the public eye. even though she is extremely famous, she still tries to keep things (relatively) down to earth. Of course, when it comes to housing, it’s a different story. she’s still famous, you know.

Unsurprisingly, your mansion has over 8,000 square feet of space that you can decorate however you like. However, the biggest surprise is that Shakira is a neighbor of Matt Damon and JLO. they all live in miami beach!

hash-markdwayne wade

dwayne wade spent most of his career playing for the heat, so it’s no surprise he still lives in miami. And Miami is a great hotspot for many professional athletes.

wade’s house is not for sneezing. his impressive mansion features nine bathrooms, eight beds, a guest house, and magnificent views of Bay Road. Since he’s an athlete, it shouldn’t surprise you that he also has a private pool, tennis court, and poolside cabanas.

hash-markoprah winfrey

Oprah may not live in Miami anymore, but she was a long-time resident whose home became an icon in its own right. she this is a celebrity who spared no expense to get her privacy. Her $20 million condo home was one of the most expensive in the city and is located on Fisher Island, a private island that costs $250,000 just to access. Fisher Island is also one of the most expensive zip codes in the United States.

Marble floors, custom design and a beautiful terrace were part of his residence in the coastal town.

hash-markshaquille o’neill

The famous athlete turned analyst is a big name in Miami, and why shouldn’t he be? he is a local that is head and shoulders above everyone else, literally. The NBA legend loved spending time on Star Island in his eight-bedroom, 11-bathroom home.

If you want to see where he lived, it’ll take a while. Shaq’s house was located on a private island (Star Island) just off the mainland. it cost a whopping $16 million.

hash-markricky martin

Most people recognize Ricky Martin as the ’90s pop star who brought Latin music to the masses and, in his day, “livin’ la vida loca.” However, if you’re from Miami, you might recognize him as the guy next door. Yes! This puerto rican pop star and lgbtqia+ icon lived in miami for years.

martin’s house was yet another on north bay road, and it happened to be one of the smallest on this list. featured included four bedrooms, a 100-year-old banyan tree, and a Mediterranean design.

hash-markgianni versace

Of all the residences in Miami, Versace’s former home is one of the most notorious and one of the most accessible to tourists. at one point, this famous house underwent a $32 million renovation when he bought it. but that is not why this house has more notoriety than anything else.

Although the house has been converted into a hotel and a tourist spot, the truth is that the people who visit here are not just fans of fashion. they are also true crime fans. this was the site of the murder that ended gianni versace’s dazzling and glamorous life.

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