How To Watch The Michael Myers Halloween Movies In Order Before Halloween Ends

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halloween kills hits theaters and peacock’s streaming service on October 14. If you want to brush up on the entire Halloween saga, here’s how to watch Michael Myers’ Halloween movies in order before Halloween Kills. we have some lists and options for you! affiliate links are included in this post. PS: Before you let your teens and tweens go to the movies, read this movie guide for parents to decide if Halloween Kills is too scary for kids.

about halloween kills 2021

minutes after laurie strode (jamie lee curtis), her daughter karen (judy greer) and granddaughter allyson (andi matichak) leave the masked monster michael myers caged and burning in laurie’s basement, laurie is rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, believing he finally killed his lifelong tormentor.

but when michael breaks free from laurie’s trap, their ritual bloodbath resumes. As Laurie fights his pain and prepares to defend himself against him, she inspires all of Haddonfield to rise up against his unstoppable monster.

The Striding Women join a group of other survivors of Michael’s first rampage who decide to take matters into their own hands, forming a vigilante mob that sets out to hunt down Michael, once and for all.


evil dies tonight.

you can watch the halloween kills trailer here.

we love laurie strode! check out his mean halloween kills quotes.

how to watch michael myers halloween movies in order before halloween ends

Looking for a good and scary weekend party?

meet our friend michael.

and then run, because it will probably come after you or lurk behind your clothes to dry. this guy just keep going. coming. back.

There is a large community of horror lovers who are counting down the days until Halloween ends in theaters. and many are doing halloween movie marathons!

how many michael myers halloween movies are there?

there will be 13 in total when the final act happens in 2022 for halloween purposes.

so there are a few to go by if you need a good scary binge.

If you need to get in on the action, here’s your list of how to watch Halloween movies in order before Halloween kills.

we have a list of movies from the halloween saga for everyone:

  • halloween movie release order
  • laurie strode order
  • the list short halloween

1. how to watch michael myers halloween movies: release order

a note: not all of these movies are actually continuous.

there are some that get out of order and don’t follow the previous one.

but if you want to watch the same way as everyone else: halloween movies in order of release is the list for you!

  • halloween (1978)
  • halloween ii (1981)
  • halloween iii: season of the witch (1982)
  • halloween iv: the return of michael myers (1988)
  • halloween v: revenge by michael myers (1989)
  • halloween: the curse of michael myers (1995)
  • halloween: h20 (1998)
  • halloween: resurrection (2002)
  • halloween (2007)
  • halloween ii (2009)
  • halloween (2018)
  • halloween kills (2021)
  • halloween (2022) ends in theaters october 14, 2022

2. halloween movies in laurie step order

The scream queen is jamie lee curtis, who earned that title playing laurie strode in the halloween movie saga.

laurie meets michael myers in some of the movies, and if you want to follow the story from his perspective, this is the list for you.

and honestly jamie lee curtis is really the only reason we watch these movies.

these are the halloween movies in order from laurie strode:

  • halloween (1978)
  • halloween ii (1981)
  • halloween: h20 ( 1998)
  • halloween: resurrection (2002)
  • halloween kills (2021)
  • halloween ends (2022)

3. halloween movies in order: michel meyers halloween shortlist

This is the list to watch halloween movies in order if you are short on time.

will bring you up to speed on the main characters and plotlines, cutting out (get it?) a lot of the clutter you just don’t need if you’re new to the halloween franchise.

the halloween short list:

  • halloween (1978)
  • halloween (2018)
  • halloween kills (2021)
  • halloween ends (2022)

Happy Halloween!

If halloween movies are too much for you, consider the not so scary halloween movies for teens and tweens or sit back, turn on disney+ and watch these disney halloween movies.

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