What happens at a Hollywood Movie premiere?

What happens at movie premieres

A “movie premiere” is the promotion of a movie with a red carpet event, where guests, including cast, crew, media, and celebrities, get to see the movie before anyone else.

Fans will be there in droves too, just over the fence to catch a glimpse of all the action in the US.

The advertising event costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and generates millions of $$$ in advertising. Key cast and crew members are invited, as well as other recognizable talent, industry players, media, fans, and anyone else the studio thinks will help build excitement for the film. (There is usually a separate private screening for the entire cast and crew because, again, the priority at the premiere is to show the film to the people who can help generate media coverage to drive box office results.)

There is usually some kind of red carpet (although not always literally red) for an hour or two before the screening during which the actors are photographed and/or interviewed in front of a step and repeat (that’s the graphic background with the name and graphics of the film, the studio and/or the sponsors). the cast of the movie being screened usually arrives last.

For many guests, this is a one-of-a-kind event and professional clothing, hair, and makeup are done for a premiere.

Each media outlet only has a few feet of space and limited time with each star for 2-3 questions max! then the people who have been invited to the screening head to the theater. (some of the press and attendees leave after the carpet). the projection can be divided into a main theater and one or more overflow venues. seating is often assigned or divided into specific areas for various types of guests. soft drinks are usually free, which is fun. there are often short introductory speeches from a studio executive and/or the film’s producer and/or director. often the cast members in attendance come out and say hello briefly.

then the projection starts. A Hollywood premiere screening is a little different than seeing a movie at the theater in that a large part of the audience is watching a movie that they or someone they know had a hand in creating. so the audience reactions are great, there’s a big round of applause at the end, and many people stick around for the credits and clap when the names of their friends and colleagues come up.

the screening is usually followed by a nearby reception (although children’s films sometimes hold the reception before the screening so as not to arrive too late and avoid serving alcohol). theme around the movie. if the cast and main actors are there, they are in a reserved vip area to avoid being overwhelmed.

It’s time to go home. the repair team works fast; when you leave the theater, the tent and most of the street equipment and vehicles are gone.

where do hollywood premieres take place?

Premieres are often held at the El Capitan Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, closing several blocks for the event. so here’s a photo of the event from outside, walking towards the press tent on the closed street, surrounded by security and production crew and staff, cars arriving with talent, etc.

Most premieres take place at one of three locations: Grauman’s Chinese (in Hollywood), the Village Theater (in Westwood), or the Arclight/Cinerama Dome (at Sunset & Vine). The exceptions are movies made by Disney, which usually open at the El Capitan Theater (across from Grauman’s).

can anyone go to a premiere?

The only way anyone else can attend a premiere besides being in the cast, crew, media and pundits is by entering and winning a contest where the prize is tickets to the premiere. sometimes a very limited number of these tickets are given to radio stations or other media outlets to help promote the film.

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