What happens at the end of senior year movie

What happens at the end of senior year movie

Video What happens at the end of senior year movie

Rebel Wilson’s new comedy Senior Year premiered today on Netflix. the high school drama has a very unusual plot. follows the story of stephanie, a very popular cheerleader who wakes up from a coma after 20 years, only to realize that her high school life has passed.

but stephanie isn’t that easily fazed. she takes matters into her own hands and is determined to live her high school life and graduate alongside her friends, both new and old. her but she realizes that life is not exactly how she had imagined it after returning to high school.

A lot has happened in 20 years, but Stephanie is determined to reclaim her place as prom queen and have the perfect happy ending to her high school life, just a little different than what she had in mind.

does senior year end on a happy note for stephanie?

senior year ends on a pretty encouraging note for both stephanie and the audience. it’s a commentary on how things ultimately turn out to be okay, even when they don’t go your way. Nothing in life is ideal, but if you let things go their own way, everything turns out for the best in the end.

In the final scenes of the film, after having a conversation with her childhood idol, Deanna Russo, played by Alicia Silverstone, Stephanie realizes that the perfect life she has envisioned is not about the things she wants, like the title of prom queen.

Instead, it’s about people and life that she cherishes. she also recognizes the negative effects she has had on the lives of many due to her selfish actions and decides to reform. With this in mind, she will now make her own path in life.

Although the movie doesn’t confirm what Stephanie will do with her future, some guesses can be made. she remains popular and has a following on social media. In addition to that, she also has a high school diploma with which she can choose to attend college as well. she looks like she will make the best use of her life and make up for the years she missed in a coma.

who does stephanie finally end up with?

for all you stephanie and blaine shippers out there, senior year ends on a sad note. Despite much anticipation and tension, the two do not get back together at the end of senior year and Blaine is still married to Tiffany. But on the bright side of things, Stephanie ends up with someone and it’s Seth.

From the pre-coma scenes, it was evident that stephanie and seth had the right chemistry. but the former’s obsession with fame prevented her from seeing seth because she only had her eyes on blaine.

When stephanie returns to high school after her coma, things remain the same. She pursues fame without paying much attention to anything else, but Seth stays by her side until one day she finally realizes how she feels about him. They confess and kiss on graduation day.

See our popular cheerleader Stephanie returning once again to her senior year after 20 long years in a coma, in netflix’s Senior Year which drops today.

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