What happens at the end of the movie fresh

What happens at the end of the movie fresh

fresh has been fooling viewers since its release earlier this month thanks to its innovative 30-minute twist.

You may be looking forward to a delicious romantic comedy with Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan after the opening act. But then writer Lauryn Kahn and director Mimi Cave drop a bombshell that turns the movie into something else entirely.

after watching the movie you will definitely be thinking about what happened to noa (edgar-jones) and what exactly was steve (stan) doing, so digital spy talked about the big cave revelation and bloody ending of fresh.

Spoilers to follow, so look away now if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

a tasty meal

Shortly after Noa arrives at Steve’s fancy home, her new lover drugs her and she wakes up chained to the floor in a room that is essentially a well-designed cell. However, Steve is not a typical creep: she harvests human flesh.

He doesn’t make it entirely for his own consumption, as he also sells it to wealthy customers who also want to eat it. Steve doesn’t kill Noa or the other women he captures, at least not right away, as he wants to keep the “meat fresh”. As a plastic surgeon, Steve can take parts of Noa and keep her alive.

Noa befriends a fellow captive named Penny (Andrea Bang) with whom she can communicate through the joint wall of their cells, and when Steve takes her to shower, Noa tries to escape. however, she is unsuccessful and as punishment, he cuts off noa’s buttocks.

Unsurprisingly, this does not change the focus. Aware that Steve still likes her, she decides to seduce him into believing that he likes cannibalism. On a ‘date,’ Steve persuades Noa to eat some human flesh (which she stores at her house in a huge freezer, naturally).

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what’s troubling to a viewer is that just like hannibal made things look tastier than they should, fresh does the exact same thing, and that was exactly the point.

“We designed all the dishes with a chef to feel real enough and familiar enough, to be recognizable, but with a touch of strangeness, to feel like, ‘wait, does that look appetizing?’ just questionable,” he explains. dig.

“so we got pretty creative with different ingredients to add sparkle to certain things or add a certain color to a dish. We went through a lot of food auditions and iterations of different dishes to make this happen.”

who does steve sell human meat to?

The focus on Fresh Remains is on Noa’s plight, but we also see Steve going about his business preparing various pieces of human flesh for his customers. however, these people remain a mystery to us.

We get glimpses of who they are and see them getting into their mixed dishes (especially in a surprising credits scene), but their identities and motives are left unexplored. cave noted that neither version of the film had more background for them, but the creative team “had our own understanding” of them.

“I think in many ways a lot of things in this movie are giant symbols or metaphors and also serve as a sense of reality, so it’s a very strange world to play in,” he continues.

“there is a feeling that there are people who are the 1%, or 1% of the 1%, and they can ask for, and go crazy for things, and nobody says anything to them or calls their attention. .people who do horrible things and have a lot of wealth and ability to move in the world in a way that they don’t get caught.

“I think that was something we wanted to address a little bit without going too deep, and really stay in the story between steve and noa.”

the bloody end

By the time Noa tries to escape by winning over Steve, her friend Mollie is unknowingly a fellow captive in Steve’s house. After not hearing from her, Mollie investigates and goes to Steve’s real house where she realizes that he is a) married and b) actually named Brendan.

Unfortunately for Mollie, Steve’s wife Ann (Charlotte Le Bon) knows exactly who her husband really is, possibly because it’s implied that she was a previous victim who perhaps escaped her situation in a manner similar to the attempted current noa.


Shortly after Mollie is captured and brought into the house, Noa sets her next escape attempt in motion. During another date night, Noa sees the memories Ella Steve has kept of her past (and current) victims, including Mollie’s cell phone.

She pretends she wants to sleep with Steve, but instead she bites into his crown jewels. Noa rescues Mollie and Penny, but Steve isn’t done yet and a bloody battle ensues that starts in the house and ends in the woods where Noa shoots Steve dead.

However, their battle for survival is not over, as Ann arrives and begins to strangle Noa when she sees Steve’s body. Mollie saves Noa by attacking Ann with a shovel and bludgeoning her to death.

It’s an ending where you’re never quite sure if fresh is going to go the cathartic route of the good guys winning or take a darker turn. according to cave, it was always going to end with noa running away, but the sequences were constantly changing while the movie was being made.

“The ending was always very fast and chaotic because that’s how it would actually be, and I wanted it to feel like it would be in real life in terms of the action scenes,” explains cave.

“when they start fighting in the kitchen, i cut out all the music from the first half of that scene. i just wanted you to hear them, feel them and see that they are real women who aren’t your action heroes but just trying save themselves and save each other.

“they were always going to come out on top, but the way they did it was always changing. logistically we were going back and forth on different things, in terms of different characters coming in and out, and who was going to save the day. we were constantly trying to get the right balance of that.”

“Is he married?!”

After their final grueling battle, Noa relaxes when Mollie drops the bombshell that Steve was actually married the whole time. “He’s married?!” she replies in disbelief as she ends a fun beat with a perfect rendition of edgar-jones.

cave points out that to make the final joke land as well as it does, they went back and added an earlier line in a scene between noa and mollie where they’re arguing about steve before his fateful trip.

“mollie says ‘he’s probably married’ and that line wasn’t in the script. we added it for later so you can laugh and remember that scene when everyone was innocent in the park and nothing had happened to them” , continue.

“his performance was excellent in that and it was a very difficult scene to nail down, just because you’re trying to finish the movie and there’s a lot going on. in a lot of ways, what’s so great about the tone of the movie is just that there is lightness right now.

“When you’re in these crazy times, sometimes you need to make a joke and sometimes you need to laugh just to deal with the trauma of what’s going on.”

fresh is available to watch now on disney+ in the uk and on hulu in the us.

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