What happens at the end of the movie frozen

What happens at the end of the movie frozen

Video What happens at the end of the movie frozen

Inciting Event: While the two sisters are playing, young Elsa accidentally hits Anna in the head with a blast of ice. Anna is healed by magical forest trolls, but to prevent future accidents, her parents decide that Elsa should hide her powers until she learns to control them, and they also erase Anna’s memories of magic without telling Anna why she should avoid it.

First Plot Point: Having grown up mostly apart, Anna and Elsa are reunited at Elsa’s coronation party years later. Forced to mingle with strangers for the first time in years, Elsa is eager for her powers to be revealed. Anna, on the other hand, is thrilled to have guests at the palace and even more excited to talk to Elsa again. However, Elsa soon becomes cold and distant once more, devastating Anna. Anna spends the rest of the party with Prince Charming Hans. A few hours after they meet, Hans proposes to Anna, and she gladly accepts.

First Flashpoint: When Elsa refuses to bless Hans and Anna’s marriage and ends the party prematurely, Anna loses her temper and removes one of the gloves that help Elsa control her Magic. Hurt by Anna’s harsh words, Elsa lashes out and accidentally releases ice from her bare hand, revealing her powers to everyone in the room. Elsa flees the kingdom, leaving a trail of ice that triggers an eternal winter in her wake. Determined to get Elsa back and end winter, Anna gives chase.

midpoint: with the help of kristoff, olaf and sven, anna reaches elsa’s ice palace. She tries to persuade Elsa to return to Arendelle and thaw eternal winter. However, unaware of the winter up to this point, Elsa panics and accidentally hits Anna in the heart with her magic. She forces Anna and the others away from the ice palace, still convinced that she must stay away from people to avoid hurting them.

Tipping point two: anna realizes that her plan to save arendelle and repair her relationship with elsa has failed. To make matters worse, her hair begins to turn white, a symptom of having been hit by Elsa’s ice explosion. Kristoff suspects that Anna needs help diagnosing what Elsa has done to her. Meanwhile, back at the ice palace, Elsa is still in a panic and tries to control her emotions, and thus her powers, but to no avail.

third plot point: kristoff takes her to his adoptive family, the trolls who healed anna the last time they beat her up. The trolls tell them that Anna will die unless she is healed by an “act of true love”. Hoping that a kiss of true love from Hans from her will save her from her, Kristoff takes Anna back to the palace. Meanwhile, Hans, leading a search party to find Anna, stumbles upon Elsa’s ice palace, captures Elsa, and brings her back to Arendelle.

Climax: Elsa’s magical winter turns into a full-blown blizzard, endangering everyone in Arendelle. Anna is betrayed by Hans, who reveals his plot to become King of Arendelle by forging a marriage with Anna and murdering Elsa. Unable and unwilling to give her true love’s kiss, Hans leaves Anna to die. Fortunately, Olaf finds Anna in time. He helps Anna realize that Kristoff is her true love and brings her to Kristoff so he can save her with a kiss. Meanwhile, Elsa has escaped captivity and is being chased by Hans, who lies that Anna is dead because of her. Elsa falls into despair, too distracted by her pain to notice Hans approaching her with a sword.

Highlight: When she sees Elsa about to be killed by Hans, Anna gives up her true love’s kiss from Kristoff and sacrifices her life to save her sister.

Resolution: Anna’s sacrifice, her “act of true love” for Elsa, melts the ice in her heart and she comes back to life. Elsa realizes that love is the key to controlling her magic and she is able to unfreeze Arendelle. hans is deported to his own kingdom. anna has her kiss with kristoff—and she’s in no hurry to commit this time. Taking her place as queen of Arendelle, Elsa permanently opens the palace gates and shares the beauty of her magic with her subjects. Anna and Elsa are finally able to rekindle the close relationship they had as children.

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