What harry potter movie is draco in the most

What harry potter movie is draco in the most

this will definitely be shocking news for some harry potter fans.

it seems that harry’s arch nemesis draco malyfoy is constantly showing up in the movies to make fun of the trio of harry, hermione and ron. It has just come to light that the character only appears on screen for 31 minutes in the eight films.

screen time is reported on imbd and confirms that draco only spends 31 minutes on screen out of 7pm and 40 minutes of all the wight movies.

Draco appears onscreen for 8 minutes during Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which is his longest appearance of the eight films.

He’s only in harry potter and the order of the phoenix for one minute and fifteen seconds, which is the movie he’s least involved in in the franchise.

As predicted, Harry Potter fans were shocked by the news, taking to social media to share their confusion at how little a main character appears in the film.

“the fact that draco malfoy was only on 31 minutes for the entire harry potter franchise (19hrs 40mins) just doesn’t sit well with me,” one fan tweeted, sharing an image from the imdb page of the breakdown screen time.

the fact that draco malfoy was only in 31 minutes during the entire harry potter franchise (19 hours and 40 minutes) just doesn’t sit well with me

“tom felton also had to dye his hair for 10 years, ending up with only 30 minutes of screen time. he and draco deserved better.” one commenting

amusedly noted, while another also commented on tom felton’s acting skills playing draco, saying, “the fact that this is difficult for many

believe talks about tom felton’s performance. anthony hopkins won an oscar for his performance in the silence of the lambs, even though he was

only on screen for about 16 minutes. even with little screen time, the talent will always shine.”

a third commenter said what we all thought, “but I feel like he was such a big part?”

While Draco’s screen time may be incredible to Potter fans, he’s among many characters who don’t appear in the movies for as long as we thought they would.

Hagrid appeared for 45 minutes and 45 seconds in all eight films, while Professor McGonagall had 28 minutes and 45 seconds of screen time.

The real hero, Neville Longbottom, was on screen for only 28 minutes and 15 seconds of the entire franchise, while the film’s villain, Voldemort, makes an appearance for a total of 37 minutes and 15 seconds.

one twitter user tried to explain why the times we see may be shorter than the times we thought were part of the movie by saying:

“for those who are confused: this is how editing works. the average shot length on a modern movie is only 4 seconds!

“the phrase ‘screen time’ is used very literally here. all stats would be *much* higher if we counted the entire runtime of every scene a character is included in.”

i.e. even though the character may be in the room when the scene is taking place, if the camera isn’t directly on them, they don’t count as screen time.

well, this reveal just made us want to rewatch all eight movies…

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