The 42 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites in August 2022

What is a free movie site

The wonders of modern life are hard to ignore. With streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max, you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows from the comfort of your own home.

the problem is that these are not free movie streaming sites; you have to pay a monthly subscription. And at first, it may not seem like a lot of money. however, when you add up all those subscription costs for streaming movies, it adds up quickly. Also, sometimes these platforms don’t have all the content you want to see.

This is why many people prefer to use free movie streaming sites. these are sites that anyone can access and use to watch movies online. you don’t have to pay a dime!

Free Movie Streaming Sites: Are They Legal?

The existence of free movie streaming sites itself is not illegal. simply browsing to these free movie streaming websites is also not illegal.

Some free movie websites that we will list here are legitimate streaming platforms that own distribution rights to the content they share.

However, streaming copyrighted content for free is illegal if you don’t have the necessary permissions and rights. this is a case of piracy, and it can have serious consequences.

We do not recommend that you use these sites to watch the latest mcu movie or watch the latest show. there are legal alternatives and you can stream movies on them even if you have a limited budget or they are not available in your country.

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites in August 2022

In the list below, you will find the best free online movie streaming sites that are still working in 2022. These are the most popular platforms on the web in right now, but that doesn’t mean everyone is displaying content legally.

We’ll mark each entry appropriately so you know which ones actually own the distribution rights, meaning you can enjoy them without breaking the law.

#1 peacock tv: best overall free movie streaming website

Homepage screenshot of Peacock TV with Logo to watch new movies free online

Peacock is a platform that we have written a lot about because it is an amazing option to watch new movies for free online. we have an article on how you can access it from anywhere on the planet, and it’s a site where you can watch movies for free without breaking any laws.

peacock was released in July 2020 and has an impressive library of free movies and TV series. everything is available for free, as long as you’re okay with seeing ads. if you want to get rid of ads, you can also subscribe to peacock tv for $4.99 per month.

please note that the peacock is only available in the us. uu.. if you want to access peacock abroad, you will need to change your ip with a vpn. nordvpn is the best option to unblock free streaming sites in the united states.

#2 crackle: play free movies from sony pictures and more

Homepage screenshot of Crackle with Logo

crackle, also known as “sony crackle” since it was bought by sony in 2006, is a rather unknown free streaming service. It’s a shame because it’s completely legit and has a various library perfect for watching movies online. features free movies and TV series from popular studios like lionsgate, mgm, sony pictures and dreamworks.

As far as free movie streaming sites go, sony crackle looks great and is easy to navigate. Compare it to other free movie websites, which typically operate on a shoestring budget. however, it’s only available in certain countries, so if you want to watch crackle anywhere in the world, you’ll need a vpn to get a US ip address.

crackle doesn’t have a subscription model, but the ads on the platform aren’t too bad. you can enjoy any type of content that sony pictures offers, from classics to new releases.

#3 tubi: A legitimate streaming experience with minimal ads

Homepage screenshot of Tubi with Logo

tubi is another free movie streaming platform that owns the streaming rights to all of its content, making it a legitimate streaming service. you can watch free movies on tubi without breaking the law. this platform is owned by fox corporation and exists since 2014. features media from big names in the entertainment industry, such as paramount, mgm and warner bros.

Like Peacock, however, Tubi is only available in the US. uu., so you’ll need to use a us-based ip. uu. if you want to access it. you can use nordvpn to access thousands of free movies and tv shows on tubi.

unlike peacock, you can’t sign up for a premium account and get rid of ads with tubi. if you use tubi, you will have to watch the ads.

#4 cineb – great free movie categorization and rating

Homepage screenshot of Cineb with Logo

cineb is a relatively new free streaming site trying to make a name for themselves in this niche. it has a good minimalist design, decent video quality, and fairly low ad intrusion, making it a great site to watch movies online.

On top of that, it also features a “trending” section on the main page and has a lot of categories, albeit minimally populated. cineb tries to capitalize on new audiences by personalizing its content. in addition, it is abreast of new releases, always uploading content as soon as they can get their hands on it.

However, like most free streaming sites, cineb does not own the distribution rights to its content, so watching movies and series on this platform is considered illegal. in many countries. Also, some sections of the site have strange formatting.

#5 solarmovie – free movie website with the best customization

Homepage screenshot of Solar Movie with Logo

Like cineb, solarmovie is a new player on the scene, but is gaining a lot of popularity thanks to its customization. Users will appreciate how easy it is to categorize media by genre, country, and release date, with several categories to choose from, including anime, fantasy, mythological, science-fi, and much more.

but this can sometimes be a double-edged sword. Heavy customization and categorization of free movies and TV shows can mean SolarMovie’s interface seems a bit overwhelming at first. Not to mention the ads on the platform can be annoying, but it’s still a decent website for anyone interested in free streaming.

nor do they own the distribution rights of movies and television series on their website.

#6 imdb tv: reliable and fast movie website with good titles

Screenshot of IMDbTV website page with logo added

If you’ve ever googled a movie, TV show, director, or actor, you’ve probably heard of imdb already. is a directory of information about any movie.

imdb tv is the service’s free streaming platform. like peacock or tubi, allows users to watch movies online for free completely legally. however, it is only available in the US. so you will need a vpn like nordvpn if you want to access it. Since its acquisition by Amazon, imdbtv is no longer on its own site. but users can still enjoy their library on amazon.

Just because imdb tv is owned by amazon doesn’t mean the variety of content is as great as it is on amazon prime. is a considerably smaller collection of movies and TV shows. but that’s probably why it’s free.

#7 moviestars: stream movies for free with very little ad intrusion

Homepage screenshot of MovieStars with Logo

moviestars is a rather unknown free streaming site. It attracts 10% of the competition’s audience on a good day, but we’ll include it in our list due to its very low ad intrusion. Anyone annoyed by intrusive ads when watching movies online will have a good time on moviestars.

however, does not own the distribution rights to any of the movies and TV series on the website. Also, movie stars don’t seem to be aware of new releases. It takes a while for new content to show up on your platform, as you’d probably expect from free streaming sites.

You’re better off going to one of the legitimate free movie sites, like peacock or tubi.

#8 vudu: a legitimate and promising free movie website

Homepage screenshot of VUDU with Logo

voodoo is a great legitimate alternative to movie stars. unfortunately, it doesn’t have a huge library, and you probably won’t be able to find the latest releases here as soon as they hit other streaming platforms. . even so, it is still one of the best free streaming sites that only shows openly available content.

It’s a great way to watch movies online without being constantly interrupted by ads. Not all content on vudu is free, but you can use vudu to buy or rent individual movies and TV shows at very low prices.

As always, there is a catch. voudu only works in the us. uu.. if you live somewhere else, you will need a vpn to access. since you need a usa ip address. In the US, you may want to give nordvpn a try.

#9 azmovies: popular website with a large collection of free movies

Homepage screenshot of AZ Movies with Logo

azmovies is one of the most popular free streaming platforms out there, and has been around for quite some time. features thousands of movies and has a huge following who tune in every month.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all that azmovies has to offer. it doesn’t feature TV shows, only movies, and the ads on the site can get quite annoying. Not to mention that azmovies operates outside the bounds of the law, so we do not recommend you venture there.

#10 mybundletv – your directory of free movies online

Homepage screenshot of MyBundle with Logo

mybundletv is a very different streaming platform than what you’ve seen on the list so far. does not host its own videos. instead, it is a free movie streaming site that helps you find a platform where you can enjoy certain media. it’s like a directory or listing site for free movie streaming.

People use it to find the best source for the content they want to stream online. With a huge directory like mybundletv, visitors are guaranteed to find the movie they’re looking for in 4k too!

Just be aware that not all movie sources displayed on the site are free. For example, if you search for “black widow“, it will only display disney+ as an option, which is not a free streaming site. . on the other hand, it will tell you exactly how much you can expect to pay if you want to watch a movie or TV show.

#11 flixtor – updated library with various free hd movies

Homepage screenshot of FlixTor with Logo

flixtor is one of the most popular free streaming sites. in fact, we’ve written about it before, in our article on how flixtor works and if it’s illegal (it is). It has a smooth interface, high-quality movies and TV shows, and a huge library. it’s basically guaranteed that if you search for a title on flixtor, you’ll find it in high definition. the ads are also not too intrusive.

Contrary to popular belief, flixtor is not a legitimate streaming platform. Viewing your favorite media on it may be considered piracy, so we recommend using one of the legitimate alternatives on this list.

#12 ustv go: the go-to website for pre-scheduled channel-based streaming

Homepage screenshot of USTV GO with Logo

This is the closest you can get to a real TV experience on the web. ustv go features exclusive cable content from basically every American channel. everything is completely free, and the platform has absolutely no ads to bother you while you enjoy TV on your computer.

Unfortunately, ustv go has an outdated visual style. it doesn’t even have a logo. navigating is quite complicated and it is very likely that you will find errors. Additionally, you do not have the right to distribute cable content online, so viewing content on ustv go is considered piracy.

#13 streamm4u – offers a completely ad-free experience

Homepage screenshot of Stream 4 You with Logo

streamm4u makes our list of the best free online movie streaming sites thanks to its ad-free library. It doesn’t have the largest selection of free movies, it’s not the prettiest, and not all of the files are of high quality. suffice it to say that it is not anyone’s first choice when looking for free movie streaming sites. but it’s free, so people still use it.

For people who hate ads, streamm4u is a great free streaming alternative. however, please note that streamm4u is not a legitimate platform. accessing the site and consuming copyrighted content is illegal and could get you in trouble.

#14 music hq: excellent search function to help you discover the best movies

Homepage screenshot of Music HQ with Logo

despite what its name might suggest, music hq is not a music streaming site. is a free movie and tv show streaming site, with a very strong search engine and a night mode if that’s something you value.

The best part is that it has no pop-up ads, just an occasional banner. when you add it all up, music hq stands out among the free streaming sites thanks to an excellent user experience.

However, the ads are still prevalent on the platform, and since music hq does not own the distribution rights to the content they feature, it is illegal to stream content on it. . . we recommend one of the legitimate alternatives on this list.

#15 youtube: the most popular streaming platform in the world with a huge collection of old titles

Homepage screenshot of YouTube with Logo

We’d be very surprised if you haven’t heard of youtube before. it is just the most popular video streaming platform on the internet. however, what you may not know is that it often hosts long-form movies and TV shows.

You’ll have better luck looking for older obscure titles on the platform. things like fbi files have entire seasons available on various playlists on youtube. you can also find a lot of exclusive content from indie developers, like the short movie on fools day.

Definitely not your first choice if you want free access to the latest releases. however, you may find older titles on the platform.

#16 yesmovies – A great general website to stream free movies online

Homepage screenshot of YES movies with Logo to watch new movies free online

If yesmovies were a legitimate site, it would be a treat. It has a friendly interface, good navigation and a huge library with thousands of free movies and TV series. is a popular site for free movie streaming and even has customization features such as a favorites list.

Other than that, it’s easy to search titles. you will get a search bar to find what you are looking for. Compared to the market standard (a page loaded with multiple titles), this is refreshing to see.

The only drawback is that yesmovies is extremely intrusive with its ads. you’ll be closing pop-ups from left to right before you can enjoy your favorite show or movie. In addition, it is an illegal platform, so we do not recommend it.

#17 123moviego: the best free movie site to find the latest releases

Homepage screenshot of 123 Movies with Logo

123moviesgo is a popular movie site with a huge library. In addition to existing titles, it is also very fast to upload new content to the site. they have even leaked content that has not been released yet. this huge library is a very strong point. it also has an intuitive interface and clean design, and the video content is of a fairly decent quality.

the only problem comes from the user experience. ads can get annoying at times, and trying to start a program can be tiring: you’ll get a few ads before you can enjoy the content you’re looking for. On top of that, 123moviesgo doesn’t have broadcast rights for the shows they offer, so using the platform is illegal.

#18 internet archive – the best site to watch classics

Homepage screenshot of Internet Archive with Logo

Are you passionate about media productions from the golden age? then the internet archive is the movie site for you. all content on the site is legal and features classic movies that are in the public domain, so no distribution rights are needed. If you’re looking for the latest blockbuster of the summer, there’s nothing in the internet archive for you.

On the other hand, if you love classic movies, give it a try. If you need more convincing, keep in mind that the internet archive is also no ads and completely free to access for everyone.

Finally, the internet archive is much larger than just movies. in it you will find millions of multimedia productions with historical value.

#19 afdah: large collection of HD movies with few ads

Homepage screenshot of Afdah with Logo

Keeping the trend of low ad intrusion, afdah is one of the most popular free online movie streaming sites. it has a substantial library, offering high definition quality for all of its movies and TV shows, and only shows a pop-up ad from time to time. although the name may be more difficult to remember, the experience on the platform is not mediocre.

Unfortunately, afdah is still an illegal platform. does not have distribution rights for the content it offers, so if you want to see legitimate content when streaming free movies online, check out the legal entries in this list.

It is now called afdah 2, although the content remains largely the same.

#20 pluto tv: the best option to watch viacom network movies and shows

Homepage screenshot of Pluto TV with Logo

plutotv is another legally owned and operated platform. is part of the viacomcbs family and allows you to watch the best movies and TV series from companies like mtv, nickelodeon and comedy central.

It does not have a subscription model, so you can only enjoy plutotv for free. the good thing is that it has very few ads. you’ll have to suffer an occasional break during your content, but there are no pop-ups nor banners.

if you’re not from the usa. In the US, you will need a vpn like nordvpn to access. If you want to learn more about how to enjoy PlutoTV outside of the United States, you can read how to access PlutoTV abroad.

#21 yify tv: best bet for finding obscure movie titles

Homepage screenshot of YIFY TV with Logo

yify tv has a substantial library and a very simple interface. It also has subtitles available, making it a good entry on our list of best free movie streaming sites. Other than that though, it’s an ad-filled mess and has no distribution rights for the content it streams.

People often turn to yify when the title they’re looking for isn’t available anywhere else. Other than an exclusive movie or TV show, there’s no reason for anyone to venture there, especially since it doesn’t operate legally.

#22 gostream: a great option to watch the latest hits in 720p

Homepage screenshot of GoStream with Logo

gostream works differently than most of the entries on this list. On the surface, it’s the same: free content, lots of ads, decent quality, and a fairly comprehensive library. however, gostream only specializes in movies. this means that users will not find any TV shows on the platform.

At first glance, this might not be a problem for most people. But considering the plethora of alternatives on the market including both movies and TV shows, it’s no surprise that gostream isn’t anyone’s first choice for free online streaming. >. Not to mention that it operates without distribution rights.

#23 xumo tv – watch live tv plus movies for free

Homepage screenshot of Xumo TV with Logo

xumo tv is another legal streaming platform, but its content is considerably lighter. Without a big corporation behind it, xumo struggles to attract a large audience. still, it offers vods and live content, and is available on a range of devices.

just don’t expect much in terms of content variety. furthermore, first-time users may find its interface quite confusing. xumo will automatically display the live content you are broadcasting the moment you enter the site.

Unfortunately, xumo is only accessible from the US. if you want to try it from outside the states, you will need to use a vpn. we recommend nordvpn for this:

#24 bounce tv – A free streaming website catering to African American culture

Homepage screenshot of Bounce TV with Logo

bounce tv is a us based digital streaming platform. uu. marketed to the African-American community. features shows and movies with a diverse cast and is targeted to a very specific niche.

It is free to access, it has high definition multimedia quality and the ads are not really annoying. If that sounds interesting and you’re not currently in the US, all you need is a VPN to check it out. Nordvpn in particular is good for unblocking US platforms. uu., so you can try it.

#25 yidio – a streaming platform aggregator

Homepage screenshot of Yidio with Logo

yidio is not your average streaming site. Like mybundletv, it is a directory where you can find the sources for any movie or TV show. does not host content on its servers, but it still makes our list of the best free movie streaming sites. media sources are sometimes free, and yidio itself is always free.

The only difference between yidio and mybundletv is that the yidio interface is a bit outdated. Other than that, the sites feature pretty much the same content recommendations.

#26 popcornflix: easy to use website that works on all devices

Homepage screenshot of PopcornFlix with Logo

popcornflix is ​​a free movie streaming site that prides itself on its easy site navigation. It’s also extremely easy to use on a variety of devices, which is rare on illegitimate streaming sites.

Mainly focused on TV shows, so moviegoers will not be impressed by this site. but it’s still not riddled with ads, making it a nice option for people who want to watch the latest episodes of their favorite show, especially if they want to enjoy them on the go.

Still, we do not recommend popcornflix, as it is not a legal way to stream free movies online. this is one of the most popular popcorn alternatives out there.

#27 vexmovies: a great option to watch pre-2018 movies without ads

Homepage screenshot of VexMovies with Logo

vexmovies provides free access to a host of HD titles, both movies and TV shows. It’s unremarkable compared to other entries on the list, but it ranks lower because it has a big downside. It hasn’t been updated since 2018, so it’s not where people go when they want to see new releases.

Other than that, it’s ad-free and has a fairly large library, so it’s still a good choice for people looking for the best free movie streaming site. that is, whenever they want to see something released before 2018.

one final note: vexmovies does not operate legally, so users should be careful when accessing the site.

#28 tiny zone: the youtube clone for free movies and tv shows

Homepage screenshot of Tiny Zone with Logo

Although it is clearly copying the youtube interface, tiny zone is still a free movie streaming site appreciated by many people. it’s easy to navigate, isn’t too intrusive with its ads, and has an extensive collection of movies and TV shows.

Add to that the fast load time and little to no buffering, even on slow connections, and you can see why people still consider it one of the best free sites out there.” streaming movies. strong>. just know that you are operating without distribution rights for the content that is offered.

#29 Movies Found Online: Good Variety of Free Movies and TV Shows

Screenshot of MoviesFoundOnline website with logo in the corner

The next free movie streaming site on our list of free movie websites is movies found online. has a decent library of free movies ranging from old cult classics to newer independent movies. the site even offers short and animated films, documentaries, stand-up comedy, and TV series.

It’s not a fan favorite though, because users are met with tons of ads before they can even touch their favorite show or movie.


It’s near the bottom of our list because ads on free movie sites aren’t just a minor annoyance. when they’re so plentiful, it’s hard to enjoy even the best movie, TV show, or stand-up comedy act.

#30 vidcloud – updated with the latest TV show episodes

Homepage screenshot of VidCloud with Logo

vidcloud is often updated with the latest episodes of popular shows, but its library is not impressive. when users are looking for a timeless classic, vidcloud is not the first choice. still, it finds a place in our list of the best free movie streaming sites thanks to its non-intrusive advertising.

Just remember that, like many sites on this list, vidcloud does not have broadcast permissions from the creators of the content it offers. That’s why we recommend that you choose one of the legal options higher up in the list.

#31 kanopy: use your library card to access free movies

Homepage screenshot of Kanopy with Logo

kanopy is one of the most interesting options on our list. To get started, you’ll need a library card to access movies on this website. it could be a library card from your college or even a public library. once you sign up with the card, you get free access to some of the latest movie titles.

The best thing about kanopy is that it is completely legitimate and ad-free. also works outside the us uu., so you can use it as long as your library or university card is accepted by the platform. however, keep in mind that the overall movie selection is quite limited, which is typical of free, ad-free movie sites.

#32 fmovies: free movie streams in 4k and 1080p

Homepage screenshot of FMovies with Logo

fmovies is one of the most popular free movie streaming sites out there. It attracts more than a million users each month and owes its popularity to its vast and up-to-date collection of movies. site titles are available in 1080p hd and some even 4k.

There are, however, a couple of drawbacks to using fmovies. The first is that you’ll have to navigate through a series of ads before you get your movie streamed. the second is that content uploaded to the site generally violates copyright law and could get you in trouble.

#33 moviesjoy: Offers a simplistic google-like movie search feature

Homepage screenshot of MoviesJoy with Logo

If you are looking for a simple and free movie streaming website with excellent search function, then moviesjoy is the best choice for you. the site has a minimalist design, which mimics google. you can find the latest blockbusters as well as older classics on the website. Movie streams are also available in HD.

Although you will see ads on moviesjoy, they are not overly intrusive. furthermore, the site does not include pop-ups and instead uses space on the webpage itself to host advertisements.

Like many of the sites mentioned above, movies and TV shows uploaded to moviesjoy often do not have the necessary permissions and copyright licenses. Viewing such content may be considered illegal in some countries.

#34 streamlord: quick and easy access to high quality streams

Homepage screenshot of StreamLord with Logo

streamlord is another great free movie streaming website. features high-quality streams of some of the latest movies and TV shows. the website is easy to use, although it does not classify movies by genre or release year.

streamlord’s biggest selling point is that it’s virtually ad-free. in our use, we did not find a single ad despite not having created a free account. you should be able to watch the movie of your choice with a few clicks after landing on streamlord.

Please note that streamlord does not own the rights to the streams it provides.

#35 putlocker: a simple and clean interface with blockbusters and classics

Homepage screenshot of Putlocker with Logo

putlocker is one of the free online movie streaming sites in the world. although the original project no longer exists, the site continues to function through a series of mirrors and clones.

putlocker site makes it easy to watch free movies thanks to its powerful search function. also classifies movies by genre, country and release date.

Because putlocker exists only as mirrors, users can sometimes land on the wrong site and end up infecting their computer with malware. that’s why it’s important to always use putlocker safely.

However, be aware that some isps block putlocker. we were unable to access this website using sky internet, and had to use a vpn to access this free movie streaming site.

#36 the roku channel: the best legal site to watch free content on all devices

Homepage screenshot of The Roku Channel with Logo

the roku channel is an ad-supported movie streaming platform that allows you to watch roku originals, movies and tv shows for free. you can access the website from your web browser or even add the roku channel to your streaming device.

all streams are high quality and buffer very fast. You can also use the roku channel to watch free tv. the content library of this free movie website is limited compared to others. Also, the site doesn’t classify movies into any categories, which can make it difficult to explore new movies and shows.

#37 primewire – Simple streaming website with a vast library of free movies

Homepage screenshot of PrimeWire with Logo

primewire is one of the original free movie streaming websites. has been around for a while and is still popular with users due to its extensive and up-to-date collection of movies.

The design of the site is quite basic, but it gets you to the movies you want to watch in no time. most of the streams we tested were available in hd, although some of the latest releases were shot on camera.

Like putlocker, primewire also works via copy and mirroring. To prevent your device from getting infected with unwanted malware, it’s probably a good idea to learn how to use primewire safely.

#38 contv: the best streaming site for comic-con fans

Homepage screenshot of ConTV with Logo

This entry on our list should appeal to comic-con fans. contv is a streaming platform entirely dedicated to movies, TV series, and other content that is popular with comic book fans. this includes anime, cult movies, and classic martial arts movies.

The site is completely free and you don’t even need to create an account to start watching your favorite movies. the contv website is not the most user friendly and may have some bugs. but hey, it’s a free service!

contv is available only in the united states. so if you try to access from somewhere else, you will probably need to use a vpn. we recommend that you use nordvpn to watch contv from abroad.

#39 crunchyroll – the best site for anime content

Homepage screenshot of Crunchyroll with Logo

Anime is one of the most popular genres among today’s younger generation. therefore, we had to include crunchyroll, which is by far the best platform for streaming anime movies and TV shows online. It features classic titles, like Naruto Shippuden, as well as manga, news, and even games.

While streaming on the website is free, you will encounter advertisements. If you want to get rid of these ads completely, you can opt for a crunchyroll premium subscription. the premium subscription also allows you to watch the latest shows and movies a day after they are released in japan.

#40 vumoo: ideal for changing playback resolution

Homepage screenshot of Vumoo with Logo

The fortieth entry on our list of best free streaming sites is vumoo. The unique feature of this platform is that it allows users to choose from multiple different resolutions to watch their movies. this free movie site is quite clean and it works smoothly too.

Unfortunately, the content hosted on vumoo is pirated. Viewing it could get you in trouble with the legal authorities in your country, so be careful when using the website.

#41 plex: smooth playback with media player features

Screenshot of PlexTV homepage with added logo in the corner

second place is a relatively new website, plex. plex media server has started to offer the ability to stream movies for free. you can also watch a number of TV shows and even have access to live TV. they also don’t require you to create an account.

this service works with a vpn, and although you will have to put up with the usual ads, the media server interface and playback are really good for a free movie website strong> . however, the content on this platform is limited compared to the other players on our best free movie streaming sites list.

#42 myflixer: variable resolution with many categories to choose from

Screenshot of MyFlixer homepage with added logo in the corner

Finally, myflixer completes our list of the best free movie sites. You can also choose from multiple different resolutions on this free movie site, and the user interface is quite slick. In addition to being able to watch movies for free, they also have a ton of TV shows to choose from.

However, this movie streaming site uses a lot of ads to support itself. furthermore, the content does not appear to be verified, so it is likely that the movies are pirated. exercise common sense and caution, and assess the risks of viewing pirated content online.

what are the risks of using free movie streaming sites?

Some of the best free movie streaming sites mentioned above contain pirated content. while you can technically be prosecuted for piracy charges for watching free movies online, that’s unlikely to happen. most law enforcement efforts to combat piracy focus on the owners of the piracy sites, not the users themselves.

That said, there are real risks you should be aware of if you’re thinking of using illegitimate free movie sites. For starters, in some countries, your ISP may try to terminate your internet connection if you engage in hacking. while not as common, it has happened before and may become more frequent in the future.

In particular cases, you may even be contacted by a third party with a cease and desist letter. while this doesn’t happen very often, it could lead to serious fines.

Of course, the consequences depend on where you live. Eastern Europe, for example, is infamous for its lack of action against piracy. however, consuming copyrighted content is still illegal and we advise you to stay away from it.

how to visit the best free streaming sites safely

When a free streaming site violates copyright laws, you may find yourself in hot water with your ISP if you watch free movies on the platform. in extreme cases, you could even get in trouble with the government if your browsing habits incriminate you.

on the other hand, if the site operates legally, it is very likely that its content is geo-blocked. this means that many users will not be able to access it without a little help.

That’s where a vpn comes in. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) will hide your IP, anonymize your connection, and protect your digital endeavors. this means that it will be much more difficult for others to discover what you are doing online.

Just remember, it does not mean immunity from prosecution if you engage in other illegal behavior online. If you’re wondering about the legality of VPNs, check out our full article, “Is it legal to use a VPN?”

Why use a VPN software infographic

on top of that, you can easily use a vpn to pretend you’re in a different location. If you want to watch a free movie streaming site that is only available in the USA. in the usa, you can just choose a usa vpn server. uu. and enjoy movies from the comfort of your couch, whether you’re in Brazil, Turkey, or anywhere else in the world.

so, to stream on the best free movie sites that use geo-blocking, we recommend that you use nordvpn.

nordvpn is a fast, reliable and secure vpn. With it, you can enjoy your favorite movies online without buffering and worrying about geo-restrictions. if you want to use it to unblock geo-restrictions, make sure you choose a server from us.

nordvpn is also relatively affordable, so you won’t have to worry about its price. suffice it to say that it is a safe choice. but if you want to know all your options, do not forget to check our list of the 5 best vpn.

protect your online presence

Streaming a free movie online will never be an easy affair for most people. With the cost of living skyrocketing, paying for multiple streaming sites is becoming very expensive and some are continually increasing their prices.

also users all over the world need vpn even to access legal platforms like pluto tv, bounce tv or vudu. It’s the only way to access these movie streaming websites, most of which tend to be available only in the US. uu.

This is why so many people now turn to the best free movie streaming sites. if you choose to do this, it is a good idea to choose one of the best vpns, since a vpn:

  • Protect yourself against malware while browsing free movie sites that may be unsafe or susceptible to hacking
  • hide your ip address so your isp doesn’t store a record of your visits to various illegal streaming sites

However, keep in mind that this article is meant to arm you with all the facts and resources you need to be able to stream movies for free. We recommend that you do not circumvent copyright laws, as this could cause you problems in the future.

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