MovieBox Pro: What Is It Exactly and Is It Safe for You?

What is movie box pro

Video What is movie box pro

Subscription streaming services are now easily accessible and quite cheap. however, torrents and similar methods that use peer-to-peer network file streaming to get licensed movies and TV shows free of charge are also widespread today. In fact, the trend has moved from the web and PC to mobile platforms. As a result, free movie apps like MovieBox Pro have become popular.

In this article, you will get to know moviebox pro better, even if you haven’t tried it yet or have been using it for a long time.

what is moviebox pro?

MovieBox Pro is a free movie and TV streaming app

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MovieBox Pro is considered as the replacement free streaming app to the MovieBox app that was suddenly discontinued in 2018; even if there is no official statement from the developers on the relevance of the two apps. We will give you a backgrounder first on the predecessor app to understand both.

moviebox is a bittorrent client that allows you to get fragments of a large file from other users’ computers online. downloaded snippets are combined to complete content for you to view and share. for example, a full movie or TV show. moviebox is also considered as one of the best showbox alternative apps as similar apps have been banned.

Now let’s talk about moviebox pro. the application, according to its official website, is not based on torrents. however, the claim has yet to be verified as of yet, mainly because the developers have not released supporting information.

feature wise, moviebox pro has over 15,000 movies and tv shows on its platform, with switchable audio and subtitles and in 360 pixel resolution and h.265 compression. content can be streamed online or saved for offline viewing. Paid VIP users who took advantage of the one, six, or 12-month plan get higher resolutions, an ad-free experience, and compatibility beyond mobile devices.

In terms of availability, the app can be downloaded directly from the MovieBox Pro website. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and even Apple TV and Chromecast devices if you have a VIP subscription. no need to root the mobile device to run moviebox pro.

what’s so attractive about moviebox pro?

There are many reasons why the moviebox pro app attracts mobile users to download and use it without considering its risks. Here are the most common reasons:

1. free content

Anything that is free or low priced can be attractive. Moviebox Pro users can watch many of the latest movies and TV shows at no cost and in decent resolution to begin with. the premium experience, although paid, is still a trap for many users because it is given that it would not match the higher price of the main platforms.

2. high speed downloads

moviebox pro uses a content delivery network (cdn) to make downloading a breeze. A CDN is made up of multiple servers in multiple locations, each contributing data for faster load times. for example, some popular cdns you may be familiar with are cloudflare, akamai, fastly, keycdn, and cloudfront.

3. ease of use

As mentioned, platforms that offer paid content for free now come in the form of mobile apps, rather than a website. In this way, the transmission becomes more convenient than before. Anyone can watch her favorite movies or shows on the go, as long as they have MovieBox Pro on their mobile device. Furthermore, the app has a user-friendly interface where movies and shows are ready to play with one click and arranged as tiles. in fact, the setup looks a lot like that of popular and premium movie streaming apps.

how to check your security with moviebox pro

As a popular saying goes, better safe than sorry. This applies when you choose a video, movie, or TV streaming app for your binge-viewing needs. Before we explain whether moviebox pro is safe or not, here are quick reminders on how to check that aspect of any streaming app:

1. watch out for red flags

The best practice to determine if an app like moviebox pro is good or safe for you is to be careful before you hit the download or subscribe button. check for any red flags or dangers regarding how it gets content or works.

2. Please read the terms and policies carefully

Please review the terms, conditions and privacy policies carefully as they differ by application. If something is unconfirmed or unclear, think twice. Also, once you spot something you don’t agree with, consider looking at alternative options.

3. make sure the app is from a trusted source

For mobile applications, regardless of the type, the trusted source is none other than an official store. For example, the Google Play Store and the App Store ensure that apps come from verified sources, meet standards, and don’t contain malicious files.

is moviebox pro safe?

Photo by Gabby K from Pexels

With the many perks MovieBox Pro offers, let us now elaborate on the red flags of the app. Most involve legality, privacy, and mobile device safety. Below are some of the reasons that might make you do a double-take first before trying or continuing to use the app:

1. unknown moviebox pro content sources

Whether the movies or TV shows on moviebox pro come from the original distributor or not, it seems impossible to tell. the fact that the application uses a cdn network is already a clue to you that the data comes from various servers and host sources. consequently, you would not know if what you are seeing is legal or pirated content. Some CDNs also have their fair share of legality issues. just do a quick search online and you’ll find great news on those cases.

2. moviebox pro needs to log in google account

The app requires you to sign in to your google account to use all free or paid features. requires you to log in and verify your identity due to one of its advantages: data recovery. To explain, your saved movies and TV shows, as well as the playback history associated with your account, can be restored at any time. this remains even if you have removed and reinstalled the app.

3. moviebox pro get user data

Depending on how you use the mobile app, moviebox pro may collect some of your personal information. For example, billing, credit card, and contact information is obtained when you purchase Moviebox Pro services. email addresses that are collected if used to contact customer support or sign up for newsletters is another example. In addition, your IP address can be found if you are not using the VPN for Android and iOS to mask it, as other subscribers of the application do. this data may be confidential or private to you.

in addition, when required by the authorities with a legal basis and mediabox pro deems it necessary, the delivery of customer data may occur. You can refer to the privacy policy of moviebox pro to better understand the terms or conditions.

4. limited moviebox pro information for non-users

Just the fact that it’s quite a challenge to learn how specifically moviebox pro works will already make you think twice about whether to use it or not.

For example, when you visit the official website, you will only see a locked dungeon door logo with the words “private garden” below it and instructions to log in to your google account. to elaborate, you’ll only be able to peek at what’s beyond that “door” once you’ve used it. the same goes for the app.

if you’re just interested in trying out moviebox pro yourself, this means there’s no way to evaluate it without giving in to the conditions or requirements. all you can do is trust the reviews of other users online because it is not safe to trust the real tests.

5. moviebox pro is not on google play store or app store

moviebox pro is not available on the official android or ios store at the time of writing. however, the official website of the application describes some solutions. Suggest to get streaming app via download apps from google play store or app store.

When an app cannot be downloaded directly from the official android or ios store, many users already consider this an immediate red flag and a reason to look for an alternative app. This is because apps that come from third-party websites are known to have many issues or contain malware that can harm mobile devices.


moviebox pro is not a safe platform to binge watch movies and shows. It’s best for mobile users like you to settle for a verified video streaming app with clear terms, regardless of whether the app is free or not.

Paid streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime Video are much more secure than most free mobile alternatives. This is because the sources of the movies and TV shows are official or authorized dealers. plus, content owners get paid what they deserve, which is good for supporting the entertainment industry.

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