What is the best movie making software for windows

What is the best movie making software for windows

Making a movie for your loved ones, friends or family is now an easy job when you have one of the best movie making software on your computer. Even if you have short movie clips or songs to insert, a good video editing tool can surely be your right link. That is why we are discussing some smart movie makers for windows 10 that help you make cute or professional videos at the same time. are you ready? keep scrolling!

Movavi Video Editor

how to decide which is the best movie making software for windows?

  1. A good movie making software is easy to understand and use, whether for a beginner or an expert.
  2. It should consist of additional tools such as effects, text, animations, etc. adding images or videos should be easy.
  3. you should be able to add your favorite music on the backend while you can edit, crop, merge or add effects.

These are the basic elements that a good movie maker for windows 10 should contain. Let’s see the features in the list below.

best movie making software

1. movavi video editor

just like microsoft windows movie maker, movavi has one of the simplest user interfaces, a wide range of tools, and support for most input and output media formats. Let’s understand the details below to find out why movavi is one of the best movie making software.

MiniTool Movie Maker

what’s more with movavi video editor?

  • great editing tools include transitions, callouts, stickers, animations, sound adjustment, pan or zoom, etc.
  • this tool allows you to capture audio or video from multiple sources like webcams , hd camcorders, tv tuners, etc.
  • interestingly, it can support 4k video quality, which is indeed a great support for those who believe in quality content on the screen.

price: $28.39 per month

visit here

2. minitool movie maker

This movie maker for windows 10 is such a simple and easy solution for all those who want to make movies quickly. once you collect all your clips in the photo album, you can create animations and add elements to your story.

Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

what is more with minitool?

  • The interface is quite simple, to start with you can import your files. now add titles, transitions or effects without having any prior movie creation experience.
  • Like Hollywood-style trailers? again, this movie maker is yours to choose a template and create something exciting.
  • studio-quality titles, perfect aesthetic senses, and video trimming or splitting are just perfect for you to make movies.

visit here

3. microsoft windows movie maker

microsoft is unbeatable when it comes to the best movie making software for windows 10. it is beautiful for viewing, editing photos and videos while allowing you to create different albums . plus, you can instantly remix your video with fine adjustments as needed.


what is more with microsoft windows?

  • add any music, filters, texts and effects to make the video look exciting and expressive.
  • 3d effects like running fireballs, lightning bolts and a swarm of butterflies can be added to add to the excitement.
  • also you can remix your video and audio to change the pace, style and music . cool, right?

price: free

visit here

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4. open shot

making movies is a simpler process than ever with this movie maker for windows 10. openshot is quite simple to view and use, but very powerful. The video effects in openshot are huge, like removing the background of the video, inverting the colors or adjusting the brightness.

Lightworks - Best movie maker software

what’s more with openshot?

  • is a cross-platform video editor. so if the work was started on windows, it could be finished later on mac or linux.
  • produce beautiful 3d animations for titles, effects like flying text, lens flare, etc.
  • The power of time is in your hands. control video speed, rewind or slow down anywhere. in fact, you can add the preset to get more animation.

price: free

visit here

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5. light works

Known for a complete video creation package, lightworks is a smart tool for movie editing and has also been used before in the history of cinema. Furthermore, this is the best movie making software as it allows you to make everything from simple social media videos, youtube videos to 4k movie projects. That’s not to say no to the 720p resolution that comes right out of the software.


what is more with lightworks?

  • editing the timeline and trimming it is one of the easiest things you can do in lightworks.
  • you can access royalty-free music and video content directly from the software itself .
  • supports a wide range of file formats along with variable frame rate media.

price: $24.99 per month

visit here

6. shot cut

How about having a free, open source, cross-platform video editor on your PC that supports a wide variety of formats? we believe there is a yes! so why not when shotcut can support up to 4k resolution and is capable of capturing from sdi, hdmi, webcam, jack and pulse audio? plus, it’s codec independent and, in fact, it’s the best movie making software out there.

VSDC Videos Editor

what’s more with shotcut?

  • hundreds of video filters like audio light display, blur, glow, flip, glitch, text, html etc. considering it the best movie making software.
  • editing functions like hide, mute or track controls, add or insert on timeline, unlimited undo or redo are available.
  • ui translations are available in many languages ​​including Chinese, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English, Thai, Turkish, or much more.

price: free

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7. vsdc video editor

Starting from the simplest interface, vsdc can build movies of the most complex nature. is a non-linear video editor that says elements can be placed at any position on the timeline without having to have a linear sequence. other parameters, positions and shapes of the objects can be changed in later stages. Almost all audio, video or image formats are supported by this movie maker on windows 10.


what’s more with vsdc video editor?

  • here are a number of visual or audio effects based on the category of color correction, object transformation, object filters, transition effects and special effects.
  • elements Masking tools to hide, blur or highlight certain objects in the video are available.
  • Easily export the movies to social networks like facebook, youtube, instagram, vimeo, etc.

price: $19.99 per month

8. videopad

Create unlimited videos and movies for your fans and post them on youtube using videopad. This movie maker for windows 10 is fully equipped with visual effects, transitions and much more. in fact, you can burn movies to dvd and blu-ray or export them to your portable devices.


what is more with videopad?

  • videopad is a simple tool that supports popular video formats seamlessly. Whether you capture videos with a camcorder, gopro or webcam, formats like avi, wmv, mp4, apng, mpeg, etc. are accepted.
  • More than 50 visual effects are present with this amazing creation software of movies . Finally, you can export movies in resolutions like HD, 2K, and 4K.
  • The smooth transition between the two clips is really important to avoid breakage. videopad surely does the same justice!

price: from $39.95

9. blender

blender is an open source 3d creation tool that is free to use and supports a variety of things like modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking along with editing. Of video . you might be surprised to know that blender is a public project and developed by students, scientists, visual effects experts, animators, game artists, modders and many more.

Avidemux - Best movie maker for windows 10

what is more with blender?

  • Numerous animated short films have been developed with blender and they all have excellent sound synchronization, story art, etc.
  • This movie maker for windows 10 can blend 2d and 3d directly in point of view. . there is full support for onion skinning animation.
  • You can use various plugins created by the community to enhance the movie making experience.

price: $17 per month

10. avidemux

last but not least, avidemux is a totally free video editor for everyone, especially beginners. this tool is designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks with maximum support for multiple file types like avi, mp4, asf, mpeg, etc.

Top 10 Best Movie Maker Software For Windows 10 (Free & Paid)

what is more with avidemux?

  • is a cross-platform, non-linear video editing tool that supports many codecs and files.
  • filtering options such as auto-resize, gauss smoothing, chroma shifts, black borders, etc. are available.

price: free

frequently asked questions

q1. can i get windows movie maker for windows 10?

Absolutely yes! As its very name suggests, Windows Movie Maker is made for Windows users and they can use it to create amazing movies, videos, movies and more. download it from and you’re ready to go. Furthermore, Windows Movie Maker is totally free.

q2. what is the best free movie maker for windows 10?

There are many free movie maker for windows 10. Among them, windows movie maker is the best. Apart from that, windows movie maker, openshot and avidemux can be considered as amazing and reliable movie making software for windows 10.

q3. what is a good replacement for windows movie maker?

Various replacements for windows movie maker are here for you to consider. we recommend minitool movie maker or movavi video editor as a good replacement.


Now that you have a list of the best movie making software for windows 10, you just have to choose the right one for you. from movavi video editor to windows movie maker, openshot to vsdc video editor, each option is unique in its own way.

Which one did you choose? tell us in the comments section below! with that, also follow us on facebook and youtube for the best technology updates.

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