All 3 Blade Movies in Order: The Complete Guide

What is the first blade movie

The first Blade movie, directed by Stephen Norrington and starring Wesley Snipes as the title character, was released in 1998. But how many Blade movies are there and which ones should you watch first? follow me while I answer that question by watching the blade movies in order!

how many blade films are there?

The three blade movies are linked together and describe the entire origin narrative from the birth of blade to the conclusion of the epic when blade kills the first vampire. Furthermore, each Blade movie continues the narrative of the previous movie’s conclusion. all blade films are interconnected and have a direct link to the previous one. viewing the blade movies is essential to understanding the narrative of the blade trilogy.

if you want to watch the blade movies in sequence, do it like this:

  • blade (1998)
  • blade ii (2002)
  • blade: trinidad ( 2004)

blade movies in order (display order fully explained)

1. blade (1998)

Blade Movies in Order: The Complete Guide

The Blade is a superhero horror film directed by Stephen Norrington and written by David S. Goyer in 1998. It is the first chapter of the Blade series, and it is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Wesley Snipes plays the lead role, with Stephen Dorff, Kris Kristofferson, and N’Bushe Wright rounding out the cast.

the sword is a dhampir, a human with vampiric abilities but no weaknesses. In the film, his instructor Abraham Whistler and hematologist Karen Jenson battle vampires, particularly the particularly deadly Deacon Frost.

In 1967, a vampire attacked a pregnant woman and forced her into premature labor. the doctors are able to rescue the baby from her, but the mother succumbs to an illness they are unaware of. thirty years later, the boy grew up to become a blade, a vampire hunter who is a human-vampire hybrid with all the supernatural powers of vampires but none of his flaws, save the need to drink human blood.

Meanwhile, Frost, the leader of a group of younger vampires, is punished by the Council of Pureblood Vampire Elders for attempting to instigate a conflict between vampires and humans. Frost and his people are socially inferior as they are not born vampires. Frost responds by executing one of the elders and stripping them of the rest of his power.

Karen is assaulted by police officer Krieger, a “familiar”, a human devoted to vampires, when she returns to her apartment. Blade subdues Krieger and uses the information from him to track down a file containing chapters from the “Vampire Bible”. He bumps into Pearl, a morbidly obese vampire, and tortures him with ultraviolet light until he reveals that Deacon is planning a ceremony in which he will employ 12 pureblood vampires to awaken the “god of blood” the lean, and the blade blood is the key. .

blade injects himself with a special serum in the hideout later to control his need to consume blood. overuse, however, is causing the serum to lose its effectiveness. Frost tells Krieger of the events, and Frost kills Krieger.

blade’s mission is to eradicate all evil vampires from the earth. When Blade sees a vampire bite, Dr. Karen Jenson fights the creature and returns it to his lair. Blade works with Abraham Whistler to help Jenson get back on his feet. Quinn, the vampire assaulted by Blade, informs his Master Deacon Frost, preparing a big surprise for the human population.

2. blade ii (2002)

Blade Movies in Order: The Complete Guide

Blade II is a 2002 American superhero horror film directed by Guillermo del Toro and written by David S. Goyer, based on Blade’s fictitious character from Marvel Comics. Blade: Trinity is the sequel to the original film and the second installment in the Blade film series.

The film follows Blade, a human-vampire hybrid, in his ongoing efforts to defend humanity from vampires and finds him in a violent fight with a gang of mutant vampires who want to wipe out the vampire and human species. all over the world. scale. Blade and his human friends are forced to join forces with a mysterious organization of vampires.

blade searches for his mentor abraham whistler, who is believed to have been killed after being attacked by deacon frost, but was transformed into a vampire and held captive for two years. Whistler is rescued and healed by Blade. Scud, Blade’s new young tech, and Stoner meet Whistler.

Vampires are transforming into “Reapers,” primitive mutant monsters with a ravenous hunger for blood and a highly contagious bite that can turn both humans and vampires. To fight the Reapers, Vampire ruler Eli Damaskinos sends El’s servant Asad and El’s daughter Nyssa to negotiate with Blade, who reluctantly joins the vampires.

He joins forces with bloodpack, an elite squad of vampires formed to assassinate him. Asad, Nyssa, Reinhardt, Chupa, Snowman, Verlaine, his boyfriend, Lighthammer, and Priest make up the pack. Reinhardt despises Blade and challenges him to a battle, but Blade responds by planting an explosive in his skull to keep Reinhardt in check.

Within the vampire community, a rare mutation has developed. the reaper is a character in the game reaper. a vampire with such a voracious appetite for blood that he feeds on both vampires and humans, turning those unlucky enough to live into reapers.

Their rapidly growing numbers now threaten the vampires, and there may soon not be enough humans to satisfy their thirst for blood. The Shadow Council has called in Blade, Whistler, and an armory specialist named Scud.

the council grudgingly acknowledges that they are in trouble and blade’s help is needed. Blade then forms a precarious partnership with the Blood Pack, an elite squad of vampires who have been trained in all manner of warfare to fight the Reaper menace. blade and bloodpack are the only ones that can stop the reaper population from wiping out the vampire and human populations.

3. blade: trinity (2004)

Blade Movies in Order: The Complete Guide

Blade: Trinity is a 2004 American superhero action-horror film directed by David S. Goyer, who previously authored the Blade and Blade II scripts. Wesley Snipes, who also produced alongside Peter Frankfurt and Lynn Harris, starred as Marvel Comics character Blade, with Ryan Reynolds, Jessica Biel, Kris Kristofferson, Dominic Purcell, Parker Posey, and Triple H rounding out the ensemble.

The battle between humans and vampires continues in the third and final chapter of the blade trilogy. Vampiric leader Danica Talos, on the other hand, has framed the human-vampire hybrid blade for many murders and is ready to lead her ruthless comrades to triumph. Now, Blade must join forces with a gang of renegade vampire hunters to rescue humanity from Dracula, her most formidable foe yet.

A small band of vampires investigate an ancient tomb in the Syrian desert where they believe Dracula, the first vampire, is buried. they frame the sword for the murder of a human family member to prevent him from intervening. After that, FBI agents track down Blade’s hideout and murder his mentor and friend, Abraham Whistler. sword, demoralized, he surrenders and is captured.

The vampires’ relatives have arranged for the authorities to release the sword to them. Hannibal King and Abigail Whistler, Abraham’s daughter, save him and ask him to join their band of vampire hunters, the Nightstalkers. Blade learns from them that Danica Talos, the King’s former enemy, has resurrected Dracula, or “Draco”, with the intention of using her abilities to cure vampires of her flaws.

drake is the first vampire capable of living in sunlight. The Nightstalkers have developed Daystar, an experimental biological weapon capable of destroying vampires at the genetic level, in addition to their newly developed “Sun Dog” ultraviolet ammunition.

For this to work, they’ll need a purer blood supply. they hope the virus will kill drake and ensure the rest of the species is wiped out; however, they are concerned that this includes the blade.

After eliminating the unstoppable evil known as the Reapers in Blade II, the fearless vampire/human hybrid who has the best of both worlds, Blade finds himself caught up for the first time in his blood-soaked quest to kill vampires (2002). .

This time, the greatest vampire slayer faces the epitome of terror: the revived Count Dracula, or Drake, the perfect monster and archenemy of mankind. he blade enlists the help of the nightstalkers, a young band of vampire hunters who have devised an ambitious plan to rid the land of parasitic bloodsuckers, their already dubious image tarnished by intentional slander. Can the “daywalker” and his new human friends, on the other hand, stop the king of the vampires?

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